Saigon Sky Lounge Raises the Bar with Fulcrum Acoustic Loudspeakers

SOHY Sky Lounge & Dining is a premium entertainment and dining venue perched atop downtown Saigon’s Centec Tower. Bringing the sights, sounds and tastes of the city to life every night, SOHY includes an indoor/outdoor Sky Lounge, Champagne Garden, Star Dining Room and Zero Gravity Cigar Room. Leading Saigon-based AV integrator DesignLive Technologies helped SOHY elevate the high-end sky lounge concept to a whole new level with a sound system based upon Fulcrum Acoustic’s technologically sophisticated loudspeakers.

SOHY required powerful yet compact, loudspeakers with the flexibility to support vocal stage shows, fine instrumental performances, and headliner DJs without detracting from the club’s elegant design aesthetic

Pinpoint pattern control was also critical to keep sound from reflecting off stone, glass and aluminum finishes, and from spilling over into a five-star, high-rise hotel next door

Extremely durable, weather resistant loudspeakers were essential to withstand Saigon’s challenging environment of alternating phases of sweltering heat and tropical thunderstorms

“One of our proposal’s big advantages was that Fulcrum Acoustic’s compact loudspeakers could provide high-fidelity, high-powered audio while easily integrating into SOHY’s very limited interior design provisions,” explains DesignLive Technologies owner Phu Tran Pham.”21 Fulcrum Prophile P 8-inch coaxial speakers and 29 pole-mounted, weather-resistant DX896-WR dual 8-inch speakers provide even coverage, focusing immersive sound inward to the venue and away from reflective architectural surfaces and neighboring structures.”

Fulcrum WR enclosures provide superior weather resistance in significantly lighter-weight packages, and feature triple-plated grilles and stainless steel mounting hardware.

“Fulcrum’s extremely powerful but deceptively small VLF Install Sub series installation subwoofers allowed us to implement the 15 subs EASE modeling called for to provide

club-worthy low-frequency extension,” continues Phu Tran Pham. “Fulcrum also shared their extensive experience with nightclub systems to provide points of reference for our design which helped SOHY raise the bar with their new venue branded as the top luxury sky lounge in Vietnam.”