Robe Presents New Website

Robe reveals a brand-new website, at with a fresh contemporary look that is packed with useful information and resources for all. is an essential resource for all-things Robe, designed for speed, convenience, and ease of viewing, optimised for use with mobile devices which is a must for an industry of busy and smart individuals who are constantly on-the-go.

Faster access to a greater amount of product-related information is a cornerstone of the new architecture.

The site is curated to offer a lively mix of interesting data and multiple layers of technical depth for those needing to drill down further into the complexities of products and Robe’s use of ground-breaking technologies.

Users can identify and source the information that is relevant to them quickly and efficiently wherever they happen to be – office, home, on site, one the move, etc.

An ‘Innovation’ section will highlight Robe’s constant development and interest in harnessing new, emerging and more sustainable technologies, and how this will potentially shape future products and impact the lighting industry generally and the application of light in multiple environments.

Reflecting the imagination and joie de vivre of the entertainment and performance community, new sections like ‘Spot On’ will feature dynamic original content.

Things like poplar product infomercial video series ‘The Shed’ and ‘Robe On Location’ – where industry characters, movers, and shakers from around the world discuss their stories, experiences, and a diversity of other topics – will be featured in Spot On.

The ‘News’ section will continue to bring relevant and up-to-the-minute news, views, creativity, invention, and project showcases from Robe users around the world, capturing the moments and snapshots that matter. as the hub of Robe’s global operation and public engagement provides a wealth of information about the company, its history, philosophy, products, and services as well as direct contact for inquiries straight to the relevant department.

Regional variants of the website, e.g. for Germany, France, etc. will be supported by Robe’s subsidiaries, complete with translations, and these will additionally carry dedicated content and further helpful information refined and developed specifically for these markets.

Robe’s digital marketing manager Julian von den Stemmen commented: “We are delighted to have utilised time during the current pandemic situation to develop and launch this new website, vastly enhancing the mobile experience and adding fresh zest and functionality to an already proven design.

“It is all part of enabling us and our subsidiaries to think globally and act locally … quickly and efficiently.”

The new website has been co-ordinated to coincide with the launch of a series of outstanding new products from Robe that are being revealed throughout the first half of 2021.