Robe Illuminates Battle-Worn Tanks

Nearly 400 Robe ParFect S1s LED luminaires light the newly opened Royal Tank Museum in Amman, Jordan, illuminating 110 battle-worn tanks from a century of wars in the Middle East and other more distant conflicts.

The lighting was specified by Amman-based AV and IT integration solutions specialist AKTCO. The project was led by Nidal Khalifeh (CEO), George Boury (project manager), and Duaa’ Khraim (design engineer) from AKTCO who worked closely with Elie Battah, from Robe Middle East, to coordinate the supply of ParFects to this high-profile installation.

The futuristic building was designed by Zaid Daoud Architects. The 20,000-square-meter space is divided into 12 halls showcasing the exhibits, which include illustrations of historic battles in Syria, Jerusalem and Jordan, complete with an audioscape of gunfire, roaring diesel engines and emotive speeches.

“This dramatic environment needed careful lighting,” said Nidal. AKTCO responded to a tender issued by the KADDB (King Abdullah 2 Deign & Development Bureau) and proposed a lighting scheme utilising the 375 x ParFect S1s.

The challenges were in lighting the huge spaces involved that were needed to show off these impressive military relics in an appropriate and engaging environment, and also in show casing the tanks themselves, objects built to consume and conquer everything in their path.

“We really needed very high powered and precise luminaires that didn’t consume too much power and would be tough and hardwearing as they are on for very long periods each day. We knew we could rely on the proven quality of Robe, and lightsources that would not deteriorate were also a consideration,” Nidal explained.

The lights are installed on gantries and trusses in the roof, and AKTCO also undertook all the installation work involved and have guaranteed this for five years. The ParFects are controlled via a PC-based system, which also handles the building control, and they can be remotely accessed via an iPad App for tweaking.

The S1 is a powerful single source LED luminaire designed specifically to provide the finest quality of light in a range of tuneable whites from fresh, vibrant 6000K to intimate, gentle 2700K. Refined dimming and a 23 degree lensed output make it truly multipurpose and it’s housed in a robust, lightweight composite material adding more flexibility.