Robe for Ljubljana Academy of Music

Betetova Hall, the primary rehearsal room at Ljubljana University’s Academy of Music, has been fitted with a lighting rig, including Robe T1 Profile and LEDBeam 350 moving lights, together with T11 Profiles and ParFect 150s.  

Updating the venue’s lighting system, Robe fixtures were delivered to the project by Ljubljana-based MK Light Sound.  

These fixtures were chosen for their relative quietness as well as the quality of light; this is an essential requirement for any classical music environment to minimise ambient noise.  

The T1 and T11 Profiles were additionally picked for their white light properties, explained MK Light Sound’s Dean Karov, with the LEDBeam 350s providing additional power and versatility for performance scenarios – the room allowing them to function very well as a beam or a wash light.  

“The excellent CT whites, colour mixing and refined dimming made T1 an obvious pick, with T11 a great match as a static equivalent,” explained Karov, after commenting that all these fixtures are compact and light, therefore practical to be rigged in the roof.  

MK Light additionally installed some lighting in the bar area, including the ParFect 150s. This is often used for unplugged music shows and other presentations as well as a social space for concerts staged by the Academy. 

This room is occasionally utilised for events such as commercial events and fashion shows, as well as standing as a fantastic rehearsal space and a premium setting for concerts, recitals, and public or private shows staged by the Academy itself; these various events all benefit from the versatile Robe fixtures.

“It’s a fantastic installation in which to be involved,” concluded Karov.