Riyadh Zoo upgrades with immersive Wavefront Precision solution

With bases in Saudi Arabia and Lebanon, specialist AVL integration company, Proline, recently won a competitive tender to equip a new outdoor zone at Riyadh Zoo—part of a new look for the popular visitor attraction, which was originally founded back in 1987.

For the sound system Proline chose Martin Audio’s Wavefront Precision WPS in a bid “to elevate the zoo’s auditory experience”, according to Lead Project Coordinator, Elie AlKhoury. The integrators’ goal was to deliver an unparalleled sonic experience to the zoo environment, at the same time meeting all industry standards.

Incorporated into the contract was the development of an outdoor stage, and thus Proline’s approach focused on creating a seamlessly synchronised environment where music, visuals and lighting would integrate and harmonise to deliver an immersive and captivating outdoor experience.

“We selected WPS for its unparalleled sound quality, positioning it as the optimal choice among the available options,” stated AlKhoury. “The WPS solution not only delivers exceptional acoustics but boasts advanced features such as precise dispersion control and uniform coverage. With its innovative technology and reliability, it aligns seamlessly with our commitment to delivering top-tier audio solutions.”

Prior to finalising the decision, a comprehensive demonstration of the sound system had been conducted for the clients, enabling them to experience first-hand the exceptional capabilities and performance of the system, confirmed AlKhoury. “Proline prioritises transparency and client satisfaction, and by facilitating such a demonstration we knew the clients would be both well-informed and confident in their choice.”

Proline themselves had been equally confident in their recommendation, having experienced a long and fruitful relationship with Martin Audio over the years—consistently specifying their products for various events. “These have consistently delivered outstanding results, affirming the synergy between our expertise and Martin Audio’s solutions,” he continued.

For the Riyadh Zoo project, the components selected were curated under the expertise of AVL engineer, Houssein Ramadan. These were chosen to align seamlessly with the project’s requirements and not only meet but exceed the highest standards of quality and innovation.

For optimal audio distribution, WPS enclosures were ground stacked, left and right of the stage, each featuring two beams and four speakers. AlKhoury commented: “This sophisticated configuration, with a total of four beams and eight speakers, underscores the precision and versatility of the Martin Audio Wavefront Precision series, providing a balanced and immersive sound experience, which showcases the advanced capabilities of the audio system.”

Its task was to reproduce a diverse range of sources, including live entertainment on stage, background music and clear voice announcements. Its integration into the general safety and evacuation system emphasizes its multifaceted role in boosting visitors’ immersive auditory experience but also contributing significantly to the venue’s overall safety and security.

The modelling and visualisation process was expertly carried out by a sound engineer from PRO LAB, Martin Audio’s territorial distributor, using Martin Audio’s 3D DISPLAY. “This was based on his deep understanding of sound dynamics and the unique requirements of the project,” continued Mr. AlKhoury. “We benefited significantly from their technical support and their dedicated team of sound engineers played a crucial role throughout the implementation process, ensuring a seamless and optimised sound. This support underscores the strength of partnerships in achieving successful project outcomes.”

Summarising the success of the integration Elie AlKhoury says that Martin Audio’s Wavefront Precision has made “a transformative addition” to the site’s sound distribution, delivering an unprecedented level of clarity and intelligibility. “This system excels in reproducing every nuance and detail with remarkable clarity and delivers a high-fidelity auditory experience,” he said. “It not only rectifies any previous limitations but sets a new standard for excellence in sound reproduction.”