Resorts World Theatre in Las Vegas gets communications clarity with Clear-Com

Solotech deploys an extensive system featuring Clear-Com’s Eclipse HX Digital Matrix, HelixNet Digital Partyline, and FreeSpeak II for Resorts World Theatre.

Having quickly become one of the busiest venues in the internationally renowned city of Las Vegas, the Resorts World Theatre, with a 5,000-seat capacity, boasts an unmatched concert and entertainment experience, hosting numerous superstar residencies and events.

Designed by Montreal-based performing arts and entertainment firm, Scéno Plus, the extraordinary venue delivers AV over IP innovation, cutting-edge technology, and immersive experiences in an entirely unique space. Given the complexity of their productions, a robust intercom solution was top of mind to ensure reliable communication across the board.

Clear-Com’s long-standing partner, Solotech, a global leader in audiovisual and entertainment technology, was brought on board to deliver full systems integration for video, audio, and lighting, with the goal of bringing the ambitious vision of this performance space to life. The practical yet cutting-edge design of the theatre caters to resident performers – a staple of Las Vegas entertainment – as well as touring performers like DJs and bands, and large corporate events. The project scope and AV installation also included the design-build of Resort World’s Ayu day club, Zouk night club, and accompanying restaurants and lounges, Fuhu and RedTail.

“For the theatre, we all had the mutual purpose to design and integrate systems for this project that took into consideration both an audience’s and a performer’s experience,” comments Aaron Beck, Solotech’s Business Development Manager and Senior Engineer. “The logistics of this project were also very challenging because this was all going on during the Covid pandemic shutdowns, yet we still managed to complete the venue in time and source all the technology for its grand opening.”

As one of the key technologies for successful live events, communication systems, particularly intercoms, play a core role in the integration of this venue. Solotech chose Clear-Com solutions for the theatre in part because of ease of use – the ability to be instantly usable with minimal training by in-venue staff as well as visiting performers and their teams.