Real Music Delivers Benchmark Adamson Applied Certification Training in China

Adamson Systems Engineering’s exclusive Chinese distributor, Real Music, hosted its first session of the globally standardised Adamson Applied Certification training, setting the bar high with an all-encompassing delivery.

Real Music hosted a joint training session with Adamson and Rational Acoustics, developers of Smaart audio analysis software, for clients and partners from China, Taiwan, Macao and Hong Kong. Though the in-person training was intentionally limited to 30 core attendees due to overwhelming demand, Real Music set up a multi-camera live stream of the two-day event that attracted over 1,000 viewers.

“We’ve worked hard to continue growing the Adamson brand and gain traction in the Chinese market with their first-class audio products,” comments Real Music Owner Zhen ‘Richie’ Wang. “Being able to now offer Applied Certification training helps our customers achieve the best possible results with these high-performance systems and ensures they have complete engagement with both us and Adamson.”

David Dohrmann, Adamson’s Technical Director for the Asia-Pacific region, conducted the Applied Certification training program covering Adamson’s proprietary Blueprint AV simulation suite, Lake Controller software, basic rigging and system configuration techniques and more in a comprehensive, step-by-step format that reflects the real-world deployment of an Adamson loudspeaker system. “Adamson has a longstanding reputation in the pro audio community not only in China but around the world for delivering products with superior performance,” says Li Ran, CEO of Adamson Rental Partner BGVCD Co. Ltd. “After experiencing Real Music’s Applied Certification training, it’s clear that both Adamson and Real Music are also committed to investing in their customers and users to ensure optimal performance in the field and shared success.”

During breaks in the programming, attendees had the chance to listen to various Adamson systems in the outdoor demo space attached to the venue. The evenings included site visits to Adamson fixed installations in and around Beijing as well as the opportunity for informal discussions over dinner, including a Chinese-style BBQ.

“We were very excited to see that the training was so well attended and received by all participants,” concludes Richie Wang. “It was also an effective networking event for all, including some industry VIPs, solidifying Adamson and Real Music’s position in the market as go-to providers of high-performance audio solutions with complete and unwavering customer support.”