QV Sound in Vietnam joins the VUE Global Distribution Network

VIEW Audiotechnik has welcomed the joint venture of QVSound – Thanh Liem Sound & Light to represent VUE in Vietnam.

“QVSound – Thanh Liem Sound & Light’s extensive experience in system design and installations applications qualifies them as the ideal company to expand VUE into this market. The company has been involved in some of the largest media and musical festivals and events in Vietnam. VUE’s COO Sara Elliot commented: “We are thrilled QV Sound will now offer VUE’s products and design solutions and equally thrilled about the prospect of working with their team in the years ahead.”

VUE’s Tony Sawyer welcomed QV Sound and provided a hands-on demo of the al-Class during an event at the San Peridot, Adora Center – Vietnam. QV Sound’s Business Development Manager, Quoc Nguyen commented about his staff’s reaction to the al-4 demo “The audiences could not imagine how the tiny dual 4″ Line Array could reproduce a such crystal clear sound and be so powerful!” The crowd of contractors and venue audio operators were particularly impressed by the unique high frequency performance of VUE’s Beryllium drivers. Nguyen also optimistically stated “We laid down the first stone. The road is still long ahead of us. We will work hard and smart to reach the end – together.”

VUE’s Tony Sawyer closed by saying: “QV Sound – Thanh Liem Sound & Light’s experience and wide network in the region allows us to introduce VUE’s products to this new market. We are excited to see VUE’s brand expand into this territory.”