Pytch Invests in Astera Titan Tubes

Pytch perfect: Astera Titan Tubes light a grounded Boeing 727 airliner at Pytch HQ. Photo Laurie Kaye

Bristol-based creative and technical event production design and delivery specialist, Pytch recently invested in 72 new Astera Titan Tubes, following a prior purchase of 32 Astera AX3 LightDrops.

AX3s and the Titan Tubes were specified to illuminate the underside of PYTCHAir – a grounded Boeing 727 airliner permanently housed as centrepiece of Pytch’s industrial estate – and harnessed during PytchLab, an experimental event where different ideas and concepts can be tried and tested for effectivity and practicality.

Titan Tubes are typically deployed for Pytch’s three virtual studios following the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, utilised for a range of corporate presentations, meetings and business events plus livestreams concerts, fashion shows and other broadcasts.

“I wanted a specific neon looking tube but something that was classy, elegant and that stood out from the slew of options on the market, so it’s handy to have the option of both,” explained Pytch Head of Lighting, Dan Giddings.

Having recently designed lighting for a multiple artist recording session at Pytch for vocalist Ruth Royall, the Paper Dragon collective, D’n’B producers Grafix and Toronto Is Broken, dubstep bassmaster Axel Boy and fluid D’n’B impresario Somatic, Giddings highlighted the important of Titan Tubes’ pixel mapping capabilities. “The lighting fixtures were rigged at various heights around the studio for a strong and distinctive look for each artist,” he concluded.