Pyramix in National Centre for Performing Arts

It might be called the National Centre for the Performing Arts but the Beijing facility is all about the international exchange of culture. Not surprisingly, this is a showcase for Chinese talent in opera, music, dance and ballet, theatre and Chinese traditional opera, but as important are the international festivals and the visiting performers. A centre of this importance needs to have superlative facilities in every area and recording and broadcast are no exception. In company with the vast majority of world-renowned concert halls and opera houses, the NCPA has installed a Merging Technologies solution.

Pyramix and its DSD workflow is essential for recording and archiving unique performances, but the NCPA has determined that having the ability to record and post-produce in 5.1 is also vitally important. This further emphasizes the wisdom of choosing a Merging solution which is ideally suited to any of the more immersive workflows that are becoming ever more popular. In addition to Pyramix 11 MassCore, the installation features two Merging Horus networked audio converters. One of these is equipped with 48 channels of Mic/Line inputs using the AKD8DP premium A/D converters and the other has 48 channels of D/A using the DA8P card. Dreamula, Merging’s local reseller and integrator, also supplied their custom connector panels to ensure that the installation is clean, efficient and reliable. The main audio console in this part of the complex is a Solid State Logic Duality with 48 analogue channels. There are a variety of monitoring solutions and a good selection of outboard gear for analogue processing.

The NCPA building is truly spectacular and in a beautiful setting, but the real jewels are the exceptional spaces inside for performance, rehearsal and recreation. Weishen Xu, President of Merging Asia enthused: “It is a real honour to be contributing to the success of this iconic building. Merging has established a great reputation in China and we are proud to be involved with many of the top cultural, broadcast and recording facilities throughout the country.” Merging Technologies’ President, Claude Cellier added: “It gives us enormous satisfaction to be part of so many of these extraordinary arts centres. Our success is easier to fathom in Europe where we are located, but to be participating in this extent throughout Asia is really something special.”