ProSource Adds North American Vendors


Audio, video, and integration buying group, ProSource announced the addition of Coastal Source and Colorbeam North America as vendors, strengthening opportunities for members in the lighting industry.

CEO and President of ProSource Dave Workman commented: “The lighting category is poised to be the No. 1 growth category for our members. ProSource is dedicated to enriching our members’ portfolio of robust lighting solutions that deliver lifestyle and wellness enhancements for their customers.

“The available options anchored by Coastal Source, Colorbeam, and Vantage lay the foundation for additional growth, with new products to be added in the future.”

“Our goal is to provide dealers with a high-quality complete system, from transformer and cables to fixtures and LED lamps. You will not find our certified products at the local store or on the internet,” explained Franco D’Ascanio, President of Coastal Source.

Mike Teolis, President and Co-Founder, Colorbeam added: “Colorbeam North America lighting solutions are designed and engineered by integrators for integrators. We provide ProSource members the opportunity to enter the lighting fixture market with a superior low-voltage lighting system supported by experienced designers and technical specialists.”

ProSource Member, Greg Simmons, VP of Eagle Sentry in Las Vegas said: “Low-voltage lighting and fixtures are a significant new offering that will contribute to the biggest percent revenue increase to our business in 2018. It may well be the No. 1 growth category for 2018 and beyond.

“Now we have the opportunity to design, wire and install the lighting system, adding more dollars per job and more control over client satisfaction. Our clients love the Colorbeam experience built into our showroom customer tour.

“Lighting is an artistic aesthetic that alters the feeling of any space. We can highlight architecture, art, exteriors and create a unique ambiance for parties and seasonal applications.”

Robert Haecker, ProSource member and TRIPhase Technologies’ Owner and Founder concluded: “There’s no doubt that lighting represents the largest percent growth category for us as well. With our state-of-the-art Light Lab, we can demonstrate the differences between halogen, LED, and incandescent lighting technologies, educating our clients about the value of their investment in quality lighting design, lighting fixtures, and the control options that are available.

“The opportunity to experience how different colour temperatures from accent lighting, under cabinet lighting and showcasing the home’s exquisite furnishings is often eye-opening. On a daily basis, we welcome customers and their architects, interior designers, and builders to explore the options of painting with light.” / /