PROLIGHTS Debuts Astra Wash7Pix and Astra Wash19Pix

PROLIGHTS 7Pix and 19Pix contain 7 and 19 by 40W LED emitters, made by Osram, with additive RGBW colour mixing. The Astra Wash7Pix can output 4,000 lumens and the Astra Wash19Pix 10,000 lumens, considerably brighter than their predecessors, and the brightest fixtures in their class. Every Astra Wash is fully calibrated to a default 8,000K, cool-white at full.

The fixtures have a newly designed and proprietary front lens and glass light rods, meaning it can meet exceptionally high optical efficiency across the entire zoom range. They are also protected by a new lens coating technology that helps increase the brightness, protecting lenses from surface scratches and adding anti-static properties to avoid dust deposits. This also helps to cut cleaning and maintenance cycles.

Both fixtures have extremely fast and silent optical movements, with a 1:13 zoom range, from a very narrow 4º beam to a wide 56º (7Pix) and 54º (19Pix) wash spread. The front lenses can also take optical accessories like a honeycomb to help controlling the beam’s shape.

All Astra Washes have augmented pixel performance, supporting individual pixel control through DMX or ethernet-based protocols, or with the built-in pixel macros, customisable by the user, and designed to work seamlessly with the Wash7Pix and Wash19Pix in sync. The Astra Wash19Pix has an additional outer pixel ring as a secondary effect.

Dimmer and colour parameters are integrated with 16-bit resolution, and CCT channels can be set to any precise white point and deviated by the tint channel on a +/- green chromatic coordinates. The tungsten emulation mode provides an incandescent tone of red shift when dimming. There is also a dedicated cross-fade channel to blend the white and colour macros.

The Astra range is perfect for broadcast, with flicker-free sources and adjustable PWM of the emitters to work with ultra-high-definition cameras.

Dynamic video effects can easily be created by mapping individual pixels and controlled by DMX, Art-Net, sACN, Kling-Net or even W-DMX, from consoles, media-servers or both, by using its internal HTP merging, even cross-fading between ethernet protocols seamlessly.

The Astra fixtures were designed with a smarter cooling system and three fan settings, so you can use them in noise-sensitive environments. Despite their rugged look, they are extremely lightweight and easy to carry.