PRO3 invests in Robe FORTES

PRO3’s Chicho with some of the company’s new FORTES. Photo: Louise Stickland

PRO3 was started as an innovative lighting and visual design studio full of fresh ideas and approaches sparked by the imaginative synergy between three partners and lighting enthusiasts based in the vibrant cultural melting pot of Mexico City. The company is still growing and is now also a significant lighting rental equipment supplier for the numerous shows, tours and events in which they are creatively involved.

PRO3 first invested in Robe moving light products around seven years ago, starting with Pointes, then expanding to MegaPointes and Spiiders. Their most recent purchases are 50 FORTES, 30 of which have been delivered by Mexican distributor ShowCo, with 20 more on their way.

“Chicho” as he’s universally known throughout the industry (‘real’ name Osvaldo Giuliano) sits in a glass panelled office for the interview at their large warehouse in Iztapalapa, with a buzz of excitement and frenetic activity going on around to get the latest gear out of the door and into the truck.

“As soon as the industry re-started after the pandemic, FORTE fixtures started being frequently requested on riders,” stated Chicho, “and since then the demand for them has gone through the roof, so it was vital that we have them in stock!”

“It’s a big beautiful and powerful light and we wanted them for our larger projects,” he enthused. And there are currently plenty of large projects happening, including the Ana Torroja tour which was about to hit the road as we were doing the interview, all designed around the 30 FORTES currently in the inventory.

As well as for servicing their own designed shows, as a rental operation it made sense to invest in FORTES.

As a potent spot style fixture with plenty of intensity and good framing shutters, FORTE is ideal for multiple situations from conventions to arena tours. “We love them, and other LDs are constantly pushing for them,” echoed Chicho. “They are great for designing shows, for rental, and even for cross rental,” he said, although PRO3s fixtures, at least for most of this year, will be busy on their own projects!

The LED engine was another major factor in choosing FORTE.

Chicho noted that they could all see the value in being able to change up or use a different light source in the future, and so it was Robe’s TE (TRANSFERABLE ENGINE) technology that made this large investment “a very easy decision,” he confirmed, adding, “I think it’s the BEST fixture that Robe has right now!”

Over the last five years, the company has purchased 40 Spiiders, 48 Pointes and 60 MegaPointes, underlining their commitment to the brand, and the fact they like the products.

Spiiders are another personal favourite for Chicho, a fixture he loves for its homogenised and even output with no hot spots, its quality colours and colour mixing and the range of CT whites. “These are perfect for TV, and the Spiider is a very adaptable and ultimately useful fixture.”

These luminaires help service an extremely hectic work schedule for PRO3 which can encompass up to 25 shows and events a month during peak periods.

They currently have 30 full-time employees and approximately 60 or so regular freelance lighting and video technicians on their books.

Chicho thinks that as a busy production house, having Robe onboard also brings kudos especially when working on international productions, and of course, the support and backup from ShowCo, also based in CDMX, is a vital link in the chain of any ongoing and long-term investment.

He considers himself very lucky to have visited the factory in the Czech Republic which he describes as a “great” experience, where it was hugely interesting to see the production process for real and absorb the “great atmosphere”.