Powersoft unveils new HQ plan in Florence

Powersoft has announced plans for its new HQ, the Powersoft Human Audio Experience Center, a four-floor, 9,200 sqm facility located in Scandicci, just outside Florence, Italy.

The recent signing of a preliminary lease agreement with Bluesky Immobiliare, which will own the property, sets the stage for a plan aimed at bolstering Powersoft’s path of growth and innovation.

Located in an area of Scandicci, Florence, undergoing urban redevelopment, the Powersoft Human Audio Experience Center is designed by Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia, an architectural firm with offices in Genoa, Milan and Paris, and represents the pinnacle of design, efficiency and functionality.

The new headquarters will be purpose built to accommodate a projected increase in the size of the company’s workforce, as outlined in its development plan for the coming years.

By centralising all corporate functions, it enhances departmental potential, improves cross-team collaboration, and delivers significant operational cost savings while boosting energy efficiency.

In the words of Luca Lastrucci, Powersoft CEO: “This plan marks a significant milestone in the company’s history and growth trajectory.

“As Powersoft expands, there is a growing imperative to enlarge our space and fortify our resources, enhancing our business’s efficiency and competitiveness in the market.

“Through ongoing investments in research and development, Powersoft aims to uphold its global technology leadership in the audio industry.

“The Powersoft Human Audio Experience Center will serve as a hub of excellence in audio technologies worldwide, so it is crucial that innovation is reflected in the architectural design of the building.”

Model of Innovation and Sustainability

The Powersoft Human Audio Experience Center stands as a distinctive model of innovation and sustainability.

The building’s exterior profile, resembling the form of a sound wave, pays homage to the company’s core business and underscores Powersoft’s standing as a technological pioneer in the audio industry.

The use of photovoltaic panels and energy efficient technologies underscores the company’s commitment to minimising its environmental footprint, while the LEED-certified building exemplifies how design and architecture can seamlessly integrate with the surrounding green space, featuring accessible areas for interaction, socialising, and organising events, including those for the local community.

Alfonso Femia, CEO and founder of Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia, commented: “Powersoft’s new HQ will serve as a respectful addition to the local environment, contributing significantly to the city of Scandicci.

“The design seamlessly integrates production and storage functions, office spaces, and research laboratories, prioritising a harmonious balance that extends to the building’s interaction with the urban surroundings. The architecture intricately blends compositional complexity with a focus on the surrounding green areas.”

A tangible expression of corporate identity, technological excellence, and the major market change it represents, Powersoft’s new HQ will be based on three core values: Human, Audio, Experience.

The philosophy revolves around placing people, technology and experimentation at the core of the plan, with spaces designed to cater to the diverse needs of employees, clients, consultants and guests, as well as students and the local community.

In addition to areas intended to foster innovation and technological excellence through research laboratories, spaces for quality testing, measurement and product demonstration, the Powersoft Human Audio Experience Center will boast green areas, meeting rooms, fitness areas, a fully equipped canteen, meeting rooms and coffee corners – environments to cultivate a vibrant and inviting workplace conducive to collaboration and employee welfare.

The new building will serve as a versatile, multifaceted hub, featuring spaces for events, demonstrations, and educational purposes, alongside exhibition areas dedicated to showcasing the history and evolution of audio technologies.

Aligned with the company’s strategic goals, the Powersoft Human Audio Experience Center aims to be a premier technological hub for audio innovation, as well as a place for living, sharing and professional growth, capable of attracting, engaging and retaining highly qualified talent.

Construction is anticipated to conclude in the latter part of 2026, after which production lines and all company departments will relocate from the existing premises to the new HQ.

Photo: AF517 & Diorama