Powersoft Launches Building Information Models

Powersoft is set to release Building Information Models (BIM) for each of its rack mount amplifier platforms, as well as Mover and Deva HD.

The Powersoft BIM files can be inserted into building information modelling software to inform other specialists involved in a project (who may be inexperienced with audio products) of each product’s particular characteristics. Common examples of existing products that already have BIM are lighting fixtures, fire alarms, and even some furniture and telecommunications equipment.

These new models have been created to help a prospective architect and / or consultant to specify Powersoft products in their BIM project and to keep all parties informed of their operational characteristics. Associated data parameters – such as its physical dimensions, connections, thermal dissipation, current draw, wattage, and nominal AC voltage – will be embedded within each Powersoft product’s BIM file, along with a detailed 3D drawing. The models will be available for use across a broad range of software platforms including Revit, AutoCAD, Procore, BIM 360, InEight, Archibus, ISETIA BIM, and ProjectWise.

Multiple BIM files have been created for some Powersoft products. Mover, for example, has separate models to accommodate for the differences between its Direct Drive and Inertial Drive models, while separate BIM have also been created for the wall-mount and rack-mount Mezzo configurations. Within the rack-mount BIM for Mezzo, the user has the option to mount the Mezzo as a single unit, or together with another Mezzo in a dual rack-mount configuration.

Included within the Powersoft BIM files are all pertinent shared parameters from the AVIXA (Infocomm) Shared Parameters list. These shared parameters allow for consistency among AV products that are using BIM. Having shared parameters will allow the designer to know the cumulative effect on the shared parameter categories of all AV products in the project.

Current Draw, for example, as an AVIXA Shared Parameter can be mined by the user along with the other AV products in the space, which also use AVIXA’s Shared Parameter Current Draw in their product’s BIM. The designer can then know the current draw for all AV equipment in the space by mining a single data parameter.

“Given that more and more AV projects are being created in a BIM environment, we plan to regularly revise our own models on a regular basis,” said Powersoft application engineer, Michael Perry. “The practice of creating AV products and projects in the BIM environment and integrating them into the overall project is still relatively new, but we will continue to evaluate our BIM to ensure proper interoperability exists between our product’s BIM and that of the compatible third-party product, such as equipment racks.”

The BIM files due to be released by Powersoft will be placed onto the company’s website for download. At time of writing, this list includes models for a number of Powersoft products including Deva HD, Duecanali, Mezzo, Ottocanali, Quattrocanali, T Series, X4, X4L, X8, and Mover (Direct Drive and Inertial Drive).