Powersoft expands presence in the GCC region with Dutco Tennant

Pictured left to right: Julie Thomas, Varun Jagger, Fabrizio Romano Bolzoni, Jacob Thomas, Basil Varghese, and Ramya PK.

Powersoft further expanded its distributor network in the GCC market by welcoming Dutco Tennant as its newest distributor. The appointment of Dutco Tennant will play a significant role in strengthening Powersoft’s presence in the Middle East. The company will join historical Dubai-based distributor, Pro Lab, and Saudi Arabia based aDawliah.

Dutco Tennant LLC has built a strong reputation in providing a wide range of products and services, providing audio, video and UCC (unified communications and collaboration) solutions in the GCC region.

“We pick and choose our partners carefully after extensive research and Powersoft will play a vital role in our audio portfolio,” stated Julie Thomas, Product Manager at Dutco Tennant.

Jacob Thomas, General Manager of Business Technology Solutions at Dutco Tennant, added: “Powersoft is highly respected in the industry for its reliability and is an incredibly valuable addition to any portfolio of audio-focused brands. Incorporating Powersoft’s solutions in our portfolio enhances our credibility as a provider of professional audio solutions.”

Dutco Tennant will focus on expanding Powersoft’s regional presence in the installation market, with an emphasis on providing high-quality solutions across various areas, spanning from corporate, retail and venue centres to the hospitality industry.

Additionally, the distributor will address the rising demand for clean energy solutions: “Powersoft’s power conversion technology can significantly improve the efficiency of delivering processed and amplified audio to the end user, aligning with the industry’s growing interest in sustainable practices,” said Thomas.

“Through our partnership with Dutco Tennant, Powersoft fortifies its commitment to excellence in the GCC market,” confirmed Varun Jagger, EMEIA Sales Manager of Powersoft.

Jagger continued: “Dutco Tennant’s reputation for excellence in audio solutions aligns with our mission to make inspiring and innovative products while helping customers be more successful, and we are very pleased to welcome the company on board.”