Powersoft Appoints Prase as Exclusive Italian Distributor

Headquartered in Noventa di Piave, near Venice, Prase has been operating since 1993. For 28 years, the company has provided its renowned services to the Italian audio market, including its acoustic treated live room, 90-seat auditorium, research and development department and service laboratories.

“The Prase brothers have known the Lastrucci family from the very beginning,” said Prase Sales Director, Alberto Prase. “It’s a great pleasure for us that the time has arrived for a business collaboration.”

With Prase’s roots being within the audio technology world, providing a variety of speakers, mixing consoles and networking systems, Powersoft’s renowned product portfolio fits perfectly with the company’s distribution services and will complete their audio chain for all kinds of venues and applications.

The company’s 50 distribution brands, once paired with Powersoft, will provide integrated installation solutions for system integrators, AV designers and consultants, Prase’s core markets.

“Powersoft will act as a key partner in our AV proposals,” said Alberto.

Over the past year, Prase has experienced an increase in educational and UCC projects, due to the pandemic’s impact on the Italian market. The company expects an increase in investment in the corporate and entertainment industries next year, for installation and rental.

“Fixed installations haven’t been too impacted by COVID as much as other markets in Italy. It’s likely that we’ll see an increase in that market this year,” said Prase Managing Director, Ennio Prase. “Ultimately though, it’s clear to us that this pandemic has made almost every sector realise the crucial role technology plays in day-to-day life, counting on an updated and reliable AV solution can make a big difference in every business.”

For Prase, the common values and market focus for both itself and Powersoft make the partnership invaluable, especially with the popularity of Powersoft’s Mezzo and Canali Series amplifiers in Italy.

“The advanced filter management and the Dante optional protocol make these products a flexible and reliable choice for all integrated solutions,” said Ennio.

“We’ve always had a long history of mutual interest with Prase. The time has finally arrived to materialise that into a solid partnership for the development and success within the Italian professional installation market. With Prase’s best in class reputation throughout the installation sector and in the live world, we are delighted to be entering a partnership with them,” said Powersoft Sales Distribution Manager, Fabrizio Romano Bolzoni.

“This is probably Prase’s longest-cultivated partnership: it took around 20 years. Our confidence in Powersoft was solid from the start, but the conditions for a partnership just weren’t there,” said Ennio. “Today, we can finally start a strong collaboration to grow the Italian market together. Prase’s strong presence in system and entertainment channels will be enhanced by the products of one of the most recognized Italian manufacturers in the world.”