Pliant Technologies expands its reach with MediaPower partnership

The MediaPower team (pictured from left to right): Fabio Veggiato, Francesca Bianco, Marcello Dellepiane, Carlo Rasile, Christophe Cordelle, Paolo Birra, and Eugenio Pettazzi

Pliant Technologies announced its recent distribution partnership with MediaPower, expanding its reach to the Italian market. 

“Pliant’s product range has a long history of providing intercom solutions for both the broadcast and production markets,” commented Gary Rosen, Vice President of Global Sales at Pliant Technologies.

“This new partnership with the renowned MediaPower in Italy will enable us to expand into very promising markets, given its strong presence and experience with major broadcasters, regional media, digital media, and the entertainment industry, areas where our wireless intercommunication technologies are crucial for professionals,” he continued.

Marcello Dellepiane, CEO of MediaPower added: “We are delighted to add Pliant Technologies to our portfolio; MediaPower’s offering is now even more comprehensive, with Pliant’s line of professional wireless intercom solutions ranging from simple plug-and-play configurations to large-scale projects with extensive coverage and multiple simultaneous users.”

Included amongst MediaPower’s latest offerings from Pliant Technologies will be the brand’s complete range of CrewCom and MicroCom wireless intercom solutions.

With CrewCom equipment, production teams, whether large or small, can easily and swiftly implement communication solutions to connect multiple individuals in various locations.

Simple to operate and budget-friendly, the MicroCom line, including the MicroCom XR and MicroCom M products, is an ideal wireless intercom solution for applications where quality wireless intercom wasn’t previously a viable option. MicroCom delivers hands-free operation, great sound, and rugged construction, which make it the perfect choice to deliver dependable performance for any application.

MediaPower will also offer the complete line of SmartBoom professional headsets, including its PRO and LITE variations, with both dual and single-ear options available.

All Pliant products are manufactured to the highest standards, making them an excellent choice for applications where users need quality, production-level devices that they can count on.