Pliant Technologies’ CrewCom enhances professional communication

The San Diego Event Professionals team (pictured from left to right): Alex Gourdikian, Eric Hester, Micheal Lockhart, and Christian Prasser.

San Diego Event Professionals has been working with Point Loma Nazarene University since 2017 to help create events on their campus. Recently, SD Event Pros decided to upgrade its outdated communication solutions to a variety of Pliant Technologies products, based on the CrewCom 900MHz wireless intercom system.

Since this upgrade, the company has been relying on its new intercom system for various events at the University.

SD Event Pros officially deployed the system for the first time for a Point Loma University concert. The intercom configuration consisted of the CCU-44 Control Unit, a CrewCom 8-Port Copper Hub, and two CrewCom Radio Transceivers, one located on stage right and one on stage left with about 150 feet in between. The team used seven CrewCom Radio Packs and three of the brand’s SmartBoom headsets: two dual-ear and a single-ear.

For the San Diego Event Pros crew, the upgrade to Pliant for this production was a game-changer. “The top of the amphitheatre is street level and then it drops down because it’s on a cliff-side. I went for a walk and was able to travel about 300 yards away, on top of the bowl with no clear line of sight at all, and it was still working. The intercom performance in loud environments has also been stellar,” said Don Brennan, President of SD Event Pros.

In addition to Point Loma Nazarene University, SD Event Pros also used the Pliant system for a two-night concert event in Allied Gardens. “We were using all seven of our Radio Packs; even though the set-up was a bit more advanced, it still worked flawlessly,” added Brennan.

According to Brennan: “The flexibility of the CrewWare software along with the ability to set up profiles allows us to create a more streamlined line of communication. I can talk to my camera operators, and they aren’t distracted by anyone else’s voice. It allows them to stay focused and helps improve the productions we work on. Pliant’s CrewCom system has been strong and reliable, and we can’t wait to put the system to use for our other upcoming events.”