Platinum Creates Immersive Cycling Centre Environment with Iluminarc

Everyday, millions of people around the world get on cycles, pedal diligently and go nowhere. They aren’t complaining though. Indoor cycling (or spinning), where participants in group sessions pedal stationary bikes with flywheels under the watchful eye of a trainer, has taken off like a rocket, passing running and swimming as a fitness activity in the US, according to a recent Nielsen Survey. One key reason why cycling centres are powering their way into the hearts of so many people is because they offer immersive multi-sensory experiences that make it fun to stay fit.

Platinum Sound Light and Video is using a customised audio, music and lighting system to create this type of engaging atmosphere at an international indoor cycling chain. Colour changing Iluminarc Logic Tri-4, circular RGB fixtures controlled with a Logic 4×36 DMX unit are providing the chain with the type of dynamic lighting environment that keeps indoor cyclists pumped up.

“Currently, we’ve installed the Iluminarc fixtures in over 100 of the indoor cycle centres and will be adding them to a projected 300+ future locations,” said Caleb Seastrunk, General Manager of Platinum Sound Light Video. “The vivid colours and smooth colour changes we get from the Iluminarc fixtures are critical to creating the right kind of setting for our client’s customers. Not only are the colours bright, they’re also realistic which encourages people to get caught up in the moment when they are at the cycling centre.”

Platinum is arranging 17 of the Logic Tri-4 units around the cycling dome at the centers, which have up to 55 stationary cycles. This surrounds cyclists with an immersive field of light. “Our client uses custom chase sequences and solid colors of light to reflect and change moods,” said Seastrunk.

Bathing this area in rich colours, together with selecting music that’s geared toward cycling and pumping it out with an excellent sound system (Crown amps and Fulcrum speakers) makes it easier to boost the energy level of participants, increasing the likelihood that they will stick with cycling. With a diameter of only four-inches and a brushed aluminium surface, the Logic Tri-4 fixtures blend neatly into the architectural environment at the cycling centres, so that they don’t detract from the immersive quality of the overall presentation. “The Iluminarc units are very discrete fixtures, but their light makes a powerful impression,” said Seastrunk.

As an LED fixture, the Logic Tri-4 also offers the cycling centre chain the benefit of reduced energy consumption, lower maintenance costs and less heat emission. According to Seastrunk, his client appreciates being able to get so much light and color on the exercise area, without putting extra heat on the cyclists themselves. As a result all the calories burned in a session are from pedalling, not sweating under a hot light source.