PK SOUND and Logic Systems Forge Strategic Long-Term Partnership

(L-R): Logic Systems GM Scott Foner, Founder & CEO Chip Self & Business Manager Raphi Hindeleh

PK SOUND has welcomed St. Louis, MO’s Logic Systems to the PK Alliance. The partnership currently finds the two companies working together and leveraging each other’s strengths to navigate the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and position themselves for the industry’s resurgence.

“The pandemic has introduced new challenges for all of us. We need to be proactive instead of reactive, and have been strategising and investing in ourselves to help reignite the live sound industry in a way that serves us all better,” commented Darryl Ross, Senior Application Support for PK SOUND. “Collaborating with partners like Logic Systems has been critical throughout the process. Their industry expertise and vast professional network have been indispensable when it comes to strategising, exploring new applications and best practices, developing our educational programming, and a lot more. We’re looking forward to building on this solid foundation together going forward.”

“It was PK SOUND’s reputation for innovation that first caught our attention, but since then, we’ve realised we share a number of core values in how we do business and have built a strong, mutually rewarding partnership,” said Chip Self, Founder and Owner of Logic Systems. “PK’s Trinity robotic line source series is a game-changer in terms of both audio quality and real-time remote coverage control, offering unparalleled flexibility and efficiency. We’ve built our reputation by delivering exceptional live events for our clients, and PK’s technological and operational advantages help us set the bar even higher.”

Partway through 2020, Logic took ownership of the first all-black PK SOUND system, which boasts remote, real-time control of vertical and horizontal dispersion via integrated robotics.

The Logic team wasted little time putting their system to work, beginning with a full deployment in the parking lot of St. Louis’s Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre for Live Nation’s high-profile Live from the Drive-In concert series. The inaugural weekend in mid-July saw the system anchoring safe, socially distanced performances by the likes of country superstar Brad Paisley and hometown hero Nelly.

“We had a huge space to cover for the Live from the Drive-In series,” noted Self. “The last row of cars was over a quarter-mile from the stage. The ability to easily articulate vertical and horizontal coverage angles allowed us to very accurately cover the audience without spilling onto adjacent buildings and reflecting back into the listening area. We’re excited about the potential of the systems and eager to get back to producing exceptional projects.”

Founded in 1986, Logic Systems Sound & Lighting is a premier provider of audio, lighting, and video production services in the U.S. Midwest, specialising in concerts and corporate events of any scale. According to Ross, Logic Systems’ reputation for technical proficiency and professionalism make them an ideal Alliance partner in an ever-important market.

“We want to redefine the relationship between manufacturer and end-user in our industry. The PK Alliance is built on a foundation of cooperation and trust between likeminded companies that are passionate about technology and dedicated to delivering unforgettable experiences to clients and their audiences,” said Ross. “Chip and his team have an intricate knowledge of our industry and approach their work with the highest possible level of expertise. We’re very excited to work with Logic Systems and all of our partners in the PK Alliance as the industry we love resurges in the coming months and beyond.”