PixelFLEX & Advent Revolutionises the University of Minnesota

PixelFLEX creates a Golden Gopher Letterwinner tribute with Advent.

The University of Minnesota recently called upon experimental design specialists at Advent to install an immersive LED video display using 3.9mm FLEXLite NXG from PixelFLEX.

John Downie, VP of Experience, Advent explained: “The overall vision was to create a unique digital experience inside the new University of Minnesota Athletes Village with slightly different approaches in a few key locations, for the Football Hall of Fame area, we used the LED video in a very targeted way to create a custom and highly-impactful display using the FLEXLite NXG technology which recognises all Letterwinner student-athletes in the football programme.”

With fully front-serviceable video panels, plus seamless right-angle corner capabilities, FLEXLite NXG is one of the highest-resolution LED video displays on the market today. Available in 2.6-6.25mm pitch options, plus a 6.25mm full outdoor IP65 version as well, the FLEXLite NXG 500mm x 500mm video tiles are calibrated directly out of the box to ensure perfect colour and brightness to help realise the full potential of any LED video design.

John added: “We decided to create an angled LED wall that would transition the visitors from a passive observer of the story, into something that was much more dynamic as we enveloped them in the LED video experience.

To begin the installation of the Letterwinner tribute, John needed to find a way to create a seamless, digital display which could fly over the heads of the visitors. Using both the die-cast aluminium frame of the FLEXLite NXG, along with a Unistrut framing system, the design was able to come together in a free-flowing visual design.

John said: “On the ceiling portion, we used a top row of angled Unistrut brackets and two rows of turnbuckles to lower down the second half of the ceiling-mounted panels. This allowed us to get a perfect joint between the two sections of the LED video wall and it looks great.

In a programme where the number of Letterwinners is expected to continue to grow, the University also implemented the custom Content Management System created by Advent.

John commented: “We offer a very advanced digital signage scheduling package that gives the client a single point of content management, with technical support and maintenance monitoring, through our system, they have complete control over the content they wish to display, and it allows them to simply update any athlete names needed as they add more content.

“In a space that is public-facing, digital video gives the design a ‘wow’ factor, there is great value in being able to better understand how a diverse audience interacts with a space, and digital video gives a University the ability to create a moment that is truly memorable; especially when talking to younger audiences who expect digital touch points.”