Pioneer PRO AUDIO dropped in at dropout

Pioneer PRO AUDIO CM Series surface mount speakers find a home in high-end Milan sneaker store.

CM Series surface mount speakers find a home in high-end Milan sneaker store.

Founded in 2018, dropout is an Italian-based business specialising in the sale of authentic limited edition sneakers and streetwear. The company recently opened a flagship outlet in the Quadrilatero Della Moda, Milan’s high-end shopping district, with a raw industrial look that breaks with the patterns of traditional clothing stores. Metal elements create space on the apparently crumbling concrete walls, acting as hangers for clothing, brackets for footwear displays, while other decorative elements add to the atmosphere. A source of great pride for founder and CEO, Kola Tytler, the store rubs shoulders with the world’s famous fashion houses and brings dropout’s style and expression to an ever-expanding audience.

As the first retailer of its kind to appear in the midst of Milan’s ‘luxury giants’, dropout was determined to capitalise on its key location by presenting its products through an impactful premium shopping experience for its clientelle. As part of the design brief for the new store, it was important to the dropout team that its audio system was of high quality, and flexible enough to deliver not only background music but also live DJ sets for special events.

Matteo Lualdi, who was responsible for the store’s design, proposed Pioneer PRO AUDIO loudspeakers for the project. As a fan of music and clubbing, and having heard Pioneer PRO AUDIO systems in flagship venues, he was confident that the audio would meet the highest standards, while from a design point of view, he favoured the aesthetic of the manufacturer’s new commercial audio surface mount CM Series speakers, as he explains:

“The white version of the speakers integrates well with the store’s general aesthetic in a co-ordinated design of light colours, concrete and steel. They guarantee quality sound, whether we are using them for background music or performances.”

The Pioneer PRO AUDIO system at dropout was installed by specialists Andrea Leone and Sergio Caio of Skeldon Soc. Coop. who had to take into account the design element of the store as well as the technical aspects of the audio requirement. Audio Engineer Sergio Caio talks about the installation:

“When an installation is carried out in a shop, attention to detail and the positioning of speakers are fundamental because the audio system is conceived as a design element not just technical equipment. At dropout, after careful analysis, we created a minimal installation, positioning the four white CM-56T-W speakers in the four corners of the store, thus reducing the visual impact without sacrificing effective sound diffusion.

“Once the speakers were positioned we configured the Powersoft amplifier and set up a
Powersoft WM Touch. This is a small colour touch screen display that allows the point of sale staff complete management of the audio system. It allows them to control volume, turn the system on and off and select various sound sources without using an external mixer. As well as being highly cost-effective this considerably simplifies system management, allowing access by users who are not audio experts.”

The Pioneer PRO AUDIO system provides dropout with warm and defined sound which creates the perfect ambience for a retail environment. Customers can communicate comfortably with staff without intrusion from the system, while still enjoying a pleasant 360° musical background. Federico Pasquetti, dropout founder and COO comments:

“The sound is enveloping, clean and well-balanced. The configuration responds well to different musical styles and the fact that the quality of the speakers allows use of the system for events and DJ sets is definitely a huge advantage. The Pioneer PRO AUDIO team was always available, from the initial contact phase to assistance with adjustments, and provided us with all the information necessary to prepare the system during the construction phase. It might seem trivial, but it is important in our work to have our technical partners prepared and available to streamline the timing of project implementation. Ultimately this was a very positive experience and we will
not hesitate to collaborate in the future for projects that require high-level systems.”

Since the launch of its CM-Series commercial surface mount and ceiling loudspeakers, Pioneer PRO AUDIO has seen the range in rapidly growing demand across a variety of applications from restaurants and bars to commercial settings and now stores, where exceptional sound quality and a sleek, discreet aesthetic are essential.

Luca Desina, Pioneer PRO AUDIO Country Manager for Italy, commented: “This installation marks a very important step into the retail sector for Pioneer PRO AUDIO. We are very proud that we were the first choice of a prestigious store like dropout, and that their faith in our ability to satisfy all their requirements has been repaid.”

Designer Matteo Lualdi has the last word on the installation at dropout: “We have worked hard to create a perfect space for our customers and merchandise by using quality products and suppliers. Pioneer PRO AUDIO has successfully allowed us to combine commercial design with a passion for quality music.”