Personalise Programming Workflow with ETC’s Eos v3.1 Software

ETC’s Eos Family of lighting controllers is known for providing comprehensive, finely tuned control for lighting rigs of all sizes. Now, with the release of Eos v3.1 – the latest major software update for the platform – that control becomes even more customisable to suit any programming style or show. Eos v3.1 is all about you, with new tools that help you set up your workspaces – programming, 3D-visualized, and physical – just the way you want them.

In a fast-paced show environment, you need quick access to all your content. In Eos v3.1, Custom Direct Selects now support thousands of custom target lists, which you can populate with channels, groups, palettes, scenes, and more – along with new navigation tools to help you page quickly between them. A new icon library lets you add images to both Direct Selects and Magic Sheets so that you can identify targets at a glance. The addition of user-defined Encoder Maps also allows you to create custom encoder layouts for all your fixture types using a dedicated and intuitive editor. Show control triggers are now easier to monitor as well – a new Timecode dropdown in the top bar of each display allows you to see your console’s interactions with other devices.

Eos v3.0 introduced Augment3d, a revolutionary workspace that lets you program and visualize your rig in three dimensions. The v3.1 release adds new tools that let you bring your virtual programming environment closer to reality. You can now enhance your model surfaces with Materials, which can be applied from an included library or imported from custom sources. Sketchup imports have been dramatically improved, and Vectorworks imports now include shutter cuts for conventional fixtures. When you want to break away from beams and shutters, new generic fixture options for sconces and chandeliers provide new options for omnidirectional light sources.

The improvements in the new software aren’t limited to the virtual realm; Eos v3.1 provides new options for customizing your physical workspace as well. Some shows require a lot of handles, and Fader Wing Groups now give you the option of paging all your internal playbacks and Fader Wing accessories as a single bank. Eos v3.1 also gives you granular control over the light levels of your workstation. A new dialog box allows you to adjust the Brightness settings of your desk components and compatible external displays from anywhere in your system – and play them back as presets or macros. When you need to focus on the stage to hone that perfect moment, you can also trigger the Extinguish mode to temporarily turn off all lit surfaces.

This new release is just the latest advancement for the Eos platform, which has 15 years of growth and evolution under its belt. As always, the software is free to download and use on any Eos Family console or controller – or on your Mac or PC, which can be unlocked to network to your rig with the addition of an ETCnomad USB key. No matter which Eos Family device you use on this gig or the next, this latest suite of features will let you truly make it your own.

Learn more and download the new software here.