PeopleTec Revamps Conference Room Experience with LG Business Solutions

PeopleTec is a leading defense contractor based in Huntsville, Alabama, specializing in emerging technologies, engineering solutions, modeling and simulation, cybersecurity and mission operations support. The company’s continued success relies equally on effective communication, utilization of the latest technologies and responsiveness to customers’ needs. As part of its commitment to innovative technology, PeopleTec recently became the first business in Alabama to purchase and install the new 130-inch all-in-one DVLED display from LG Business Solutions USA.

According to M3 Technology Group, which recommended and installed the new LG LAAF series DVLED display and other conference room technologies, the upgrade has transformed PeopleTec’s conference experience for their employees and guests by increasing the ease and impact of delivering content on a giant wall-sized screen.

“We worked with PeopleTec on this conference room in 2019, but after less than two years, our clients expressed interest in an even more impressive audiovisual system based on large digital signage displays,” said Mike Hatfield, Account Manager at M3. “The projectors they used in the past worked pretty well, but there were issues with blocking the beam and fan noise. Essentially, the CEO and President got tired of blocking the picture and asked us if there were solutions to solve this problem. Then we showed them LG’s direct-view LED display technology. DVLED is now significantly more affordable than it was two years ago. The early adopter phase is over.”

PeopleTec was convinced of the new display’s value immediately upon its demonstration. Working with M3, PeopleTec decided to configure the room with a new Crestron control system accessed through a convenient wall-mounted touch panel. In addition to the display and control equipment, conferences and meetings in this room can utilize two in-ceiling microphones, in-ceiling speakers, and front and rear PTZ cameras to record both the speaker and attendees.

“We want visitors to walk away knowing that our technological capabilities are leading edge in the defense contractor space, and a big, bright, crisp video display is an effective way to make that statement,” said Terry Jennings, CEO of PeopleTec. “Presentations can make or break a relationship, and our commitment to excellence, for both our customers and our employees, demands that we utilize the most effective communication platforms available.”

According to Hatfield, M3’s trust in LG’s products and service is so strong that neither the integrator nor the client felt the need to test or research other digital signage displays. In fact, the results were so immediately compelling and effective that PeopleTec is already considering more LG display solutions to replace other conference room projection systems.

“Whether they are videoconferencing with a remote partner, holding an in-person meeting or a hybrid session, PeopleTec has the tools they need to deliver compelling content through a futuristic display technology that is currently rare in these environments,” Hatfield added. “We trust LG to deliver superior products with excellent support, and the company’s aggressive pricing on their digital signage offerings has helped level the playing field with legacy large-format display solutions.”

For instance, LG’s 130-inch All-in-One LAAF Series DVLED display is a breakthrough achievement, providing users with everything they need in a single package that’s easy to install and operate. Compatible with control system integration, the TAA compliant display also includes the versatile webOS for Signage smart platform. The stunning picture quality is enabled by the display’s 1.5mm pixel pitch, 500 nits of brightness, HDR 10 Pro capability and up to a 160-degree viewing angle.

M3 Technology Group has offices in Alabama and Tennessee and serves the corporate, government, hospitality and higher ed markets with creative and innovative installations of the latest technologies.