Peerless-AV announces the 2024 European dvLED Roadshow

AV technology pioneer Peerless-AV is embarking on a dvLED Roadshow in partnership with 7thSense, Absen and NovaStar touring across Europe this September.

Taking place at Midwich Group country locations and Absen regional showrooms, the roadshow will incorporate specialist training and hands-on practical sessions on all the elements of a dvLED video wall installation, from mounting structures to display specifications to content control and image configuration. The objective, in one day, is to educate and equip dealers, system integrators and consultants with all the tools and skills necessary to install a fully operational dvLED video wall system, with ease. Visit the event website to register.

Starting in the UK at Absen’s new regional showroom, located in Theale, Berkshire, the roadshow will continue to the North West of England, before moving to Absen’s German showroom in Frankfurt, then travelling to France, and concluding in the Benelux region. At each location within these territories, the dvLED training session will run from 10am to 4pm, with breaks. There will be one hour of expert technical sessions with each partner, highlighting why each technology aspect is equally as important as the other for a successful outcome.

Over the course of the day, a dvLED video wall will be built, step-by-step, in its entirety. Attendees will receive an out-of-the box experience, from identifying and overcoming site limitations to constructing the mounting system, installing and levelling the display cabinets, power and data mapping, aligning and perfecting pixels, image control and processing, content creation and distribution, post install servicing and much more.

“Attendees will have the chance to get hands on, learning as they go and getting to grips with all the intricacies that make up a finished, content playing dvLED video wall installation,” said Keith Dutch, Managing Director – EMEA, Peerless-AV. “What we do well is working with our partners on specialist events that fill a gap in the market, and with this Roadshow we’re doing just that. There’s a desire from the industry to demystify dvLED and break it down into the various parts in a simple way. For some, dvLED integration is seen as a dark art. It may not be as simple as installing with LCD but, with the right education, research, technology, skillset, tools and expert support, the whole process can be quick and straightforward, saving considerable time and costs in the long term.”

“As a valued partner of Peerless-AV and a world-leading dvLED brand, we’re delighted to support their regional efforts and valuable investment for dvLED training and installation,” said Darren Banks, Director of Global Business Development for Absen. “The state-of-the-art regional Absen showrooms in Theale, UK and Frankfurt, Germany boast the company’s comprehensive range of dvLED solutions, providing an innovative and inspirational environment for this unmissable hands-on opportunity.”

Specialist training will be delivered by 7thSense, Absen, NovaStar and Peerless-AV experts. Absen holds the largest pool of professionally trained LED engineers in the world. Its team of highly skilled technicians will guide Roadshow attendees through the installation, configuration and maintenance of Absen LED products, first-hand, from the inside out, as well as troubleshooting and LED control.

7thSense is a technology innovator specialising in pixel generation, processing and management. Hear from experts on their passion for pushing boundaries and delivering technology that enables storytellers to fulfil their vision. Learn how 7thSense’s 20 years of expertise helped develop the largest video system deployment in the world at Sphere in Las Vegas. The company provided the media server and pixel processor solutions that power the content on the internal and external LED displays.

Global pioneers in LED display control solutions, NovaStar designs and develops innovative technology that greatly simplifies system integration and delivers industry-leading image processing for fine-pitch dvLED installations. Experts will help attendees understand the range of products and how they can effectively fit into various application and scenarios including entertainment, digital signage, and rental.

In the Peerless-AV session, training will be delivered on a SEAMLESS Kitted Universal dvLED Mounting System focused on standard flat-to-wall configurations. The presentation will also touch upon SEAMLESS Bespoke customised solutions for the most complex design and technology integration challenges in unique applications.

On completion of the day, attendees will receive a certificate certifying the standard of technical training received, with the chance to earn RU points towards their AVIXA CTS qualification. For the 2024 European dvLED Roadshow schedule and registration links, visit the event website.