Outline Names OneCircle LLP as Singapore and Brunei Distributor

Italian pro-audio manufacturer Outline recently announced the latest addition to its international distribution network. Singapore-based OneCircle LLP has been appointed as sole distributor for Singapore and Brunei and takes its place alongside over sixty Outline distributors on five continents.
Although helming a newly formed company, OneCircle’s founder and managing partner Hikam Ali explains that he is more than familiar with Outline’s product range, as he worked for Outline’s previous distributor in Singapore.
OneCircle has decided to concentrate solely on Outline Audio, without compromising its standards handling other brands, and is therefore fully committed to solely promoting Outline.
He adds, “By demonstrating portable, live sound and fixed install systems in schools, places of worship and other venues, we’re making sure the systems are being heard, and we believe that potential clients will be convinced that Outline offers the best of its class in all fields once they have heard its products properly.”
In July 2016, OneCircle supported a pro-audio workshop held at the Malaysian Mega Chinese Methodist Church. “The 17 churches that attended during the week for the demonstrations in Petaling Jaya were really impressed,” explained OneCircle Director/Partner Miqael Das.
“We are committed to education and helping users in the audio community enhance their technical skills and know-how.”
Consultant and trainer Robert Soo furthered: “When I was approached by OneCircle, I was happy to use their Outline range of loudspeakers, power amplifiers and processors as demonstration equipment and teaching aids in my workshop, as I have used Outline systems in several projects and was satisfied with their performance and quality. However, we are equally happy demonstrating the speaker systems to individuals on a one-to-one basis,” added Das. “The products all have four-year warranties and we ensure round-the-clock technical and software support from Singapore. Very shortly, we’ll be promoting the GTO and GTO C-12 systems, as soon as we have inventory.”
A key brand at world level on the sound reinforcement sector, Outline has several patents to its credit and has received various awards for product innovation and design excellence at the industry’s top expos. The company’s CEO Giorgio Biffi stated: “Hikam, Miqael and the team are fully committed to promoting and supporting Outline in Singapore and Brunei. We’re looking forward to working with OneCircle, as it is showing drive and initiative.”