Outline Adds Serbia’s Svetlost Teatar to its International Distributors

Headquartered in Belgrade (Serbia) and with branch offices in Russia and Macedonia, Svetlost Teatar Company was recently appointed Outline distributor for Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia.

The company is one of the leading stage equipment contractors and theatrical system integrators and for over twenty years has designed, manufactured and installed stage, studio and theatrical equipment for the performance industry.

Regarding the company’s appointment, PR manager Jovan Dunjic states, “With its superb quality, Outline will definitely open the doors to markets we were not previously involved in. Outline’s large, medium, and small format loudspeakers, as well as its innovative DSP-based and related technologies, enable us to ensure top-grade equipment for a really wide range of applications, such as performing arts venues, cinemas, sport halls, etc.

Depending on the size of the auditorium and application for which the hall is intended, different lines of products are interesting. Another line that also has iMode technology, the DVS series, provides great SPL coverage in medium sized theatres and, for larger venues, all the products in the Line Array ranges are interesting. MiniCompass is particularly interesting because of its self-powered system equipped with Outline’s iMode Technology, which provides a platform for advanced loudspeaker control.”

Svetlost Tetar creates solutions with top-grade AV technology, and Outline is now one of main manufacturers involved in these projects, and there are already several projects on which the company has installed Outline products for venues’ main loudspeaker system, in spite of the very tough competition.

Dunjic gives a couple of examples, “In the cultural centre of the central Serbia city of Gornji Milanovac, we successfully reconstructed and transformed the former “Army House” into a modern venue with a multifunctional 400-seat theatre for performing arts, cinema, concerts and conference. Outline stands out in the rebuilt theatre, thanks to its linear balanced response from very low volume to the highest volume.

In a sports hall, our team installed Outline’s Doppia, which ensures excellent performance in spite of the very difficult acoustic conditions, such a reverberation time of over 9 seconds, providing a very high-level of direct sound and very high intelligibility, even when the hall is empty.

Sound and video systems provided by the firm’s team of experienced specialists continuously develop and build the company image and tradition, ensuring that, whether in a small theatre, new opera house, performing arts centre or institutional location, all the equipment installed meets and even exceeds customers’ expectations. In the highly varied performance world, Svetlost Teatar has evolved and developed hand-in-hand with new industry standards, as well as theatre staffs’ and artists’ needs, ensure the perfect solution for any performing space.

Dunjic concludes, “On this unique market, we have realised many projects since we started out in 1991 and our organisation is now looking to develop markets in various other countries. We have several other upcoming projects on which we are counting on Outline’s superb performance.”