Optocore and BroaMan Confirm Marci Sós as New Technical Support Engineer

Fiber network specialist, Optocore, has announced the appointment of Márton ‘Marci’ Sós, as its new Technical Support Engineer, with immediate effect.

Márton, who will take up the same role with sister company, BroaMan, hails from Budapest and is multi-lingual. He has wide experience in both system integration and sound engineer roles within the theatre world and as a freelance, and is proficient on many industry leading digital platforms, including Optocore partner DiGiCo, as well as Focusrite Pro and Dynacord.

Of his appointment, he said: “I met Optocore’s former support team a short time ago and was impressed with their immense level of knowledge, so I know I have big shoes to fill. The challenge therefore is to move into the role seamlessly so that clients don’t notice the personnel change.”

He said the move to the German company is a logical progression from the similar position he occupied with Chromasound plc, one of Hungary’s leading system integrators and distributors. “Whereas at Chromasound I had a broad variety of responsibilities, working with many leading pro audio brands, I was tempted by the possibility of narrowing down the palette to move deeper into a single technology.

“The Optocore philosophy and mindset is similar to mine in that the company builds future-proof systems designed to last for many years with minimum maintenance.”

Announcing Márton’s arrival, company director Tine Helmle, stated: “It is with great pleasure that we welcome him into the Optocore and BroaMan family. We are fortunate to have someone with Marci’s widespread experience in digital platforms, and who is already in tune with the companies’ culture.”