Optimal Audio upgrades Pirate Kindergarten

The Pirate Kindergarten in the German city of Bergisch, Gladbach, places a strong emphasis on the part played by music in children’s development. When the kindergarten’s team agreed that its ageing sound system could no longer meet their ambitions, they engaged audio experts Starpoint to supply a replacement.

As well as delivering high-quality audio throughout the kindergarten, the team needed the new system to be easy to install and operate.

Bastian Sauer of Starpoint recommended an Optimal Audio solution: “We listened to all the requirements and quickly concluded that Optimal Audio offered the best solution for this application. Working with the customer we specified the system and assisted them with programming the Zone unit, leaving them to carry out the installation work themselves without any problems.”

The system at The Pirate Kindergarten consists of ten Optimal Audio Cuboid 5 loudspeakers and a Zone 8P controller. Cuboid 5 is a discreet high-performance two-way, full range, passive 5” on-wall loudspeaker which has portrait or landscape mounting options.

Zone 8P is a zonal audio controller with DSP, amplification and WebApp. This single compact unit is the beating heart of an efficient multi-zoned system and allows users to independently allocate sources across up to 8 configurable zones within a venue.

Each zone can be configured to do precisely what is required by the use of the intuitive WebApp. Installation and operation are thus straightforward and highly cost-effective. The Kindergarten system comprises 4 zones controlled from 2 different rooms.

Sauer stated: “The Zone 8P with its integrated 8-channel amplifier delivers more than enough power for the entire system and the Cuboid loudspeakers can also be used for outdoor applications employing optional terminal covers for the connections on the back which render them IP-54 compliant. Optimal Audio thus safely and effortlessly delivers perfect sound throughout the facility.”

According to Bettina Omer, head of the day-care centre, the new system has proved to be a huge success for children and caregivers alike.

Omer concluded: “We like to listen to a lot of music and encourage the children to sing along and move, so we’re really happy that our support association has installed the new Optimal Audio solution, which sounds fantastic.”