Optimal Audio system sounds sweet at Georgia Browns

Georgia Browns, Greater Manchester, is a destination sports and entertainment venue. Recently refurbished and re-launched, and featuring a large media wall, the venue also hosts multiple additional screens showing a wide range of sports, as well as staging live bands, DJ sets, and karaoke.

The team at Georgia Brown gave careful consideration to its technical needs, and having invested in its media wall through Richer Sounds, consulted with the company’s Custom Installation design team over the best way forward for its audio requirements.

Richer Sounds recommended an Optimal Audio system to deliver the venue’s requirement for background and party level music. Custom Installation Manager Tim Smith and his team designed the system in conjunction with the venue, and engaged experienced subcontractor James Mahon of Hi-Tech AV Ltd to install the system.

Tim felt that for a large space like Georgia Browns, an Optimal Audio solution would reliably provide the necessary quality at high SPL to meet the all-round challenge.

Mahon commented: “Right out of the box, you could tell they were going to be good. The build quality looked superb and the speakers duly delivered sound to match.”

Two Cuboid 15 and two Cuboid 10 passive on-wall loudspeakers were installed in the demanding areas of the room close to the stage, with a further eight Cuboid 8 units taking care of the rest of the space.

A single Sub 15 and a pair of Sub 10 units were discreetly located beneath seating areas to deliver the low end. The system is driven by three SmartAmp 30 (4 x 250W) amplifiers with integral DSP.

Speaking on behalf of the Richer Sounds Custom Installation design team, Smith commented: “The system performs wonderfully, providing a balanced audio performance for different volume levels. There’s no doubt that the quality and performance of Optimal Audio’s product range is excellent.”

Mahon concluded: “I’ve had a great deal of experience installing AV solutions for large pub chains and having heard the results here, I’ll definitely be recommending and installing Optimal Audio again!”