One stop shop for battery power made simple

Custom Electronics, Inc.(CEI), a source for high voltage mica capacitors and integrated electronic sub-assemblies, has responded to the growing worldwide demand for efficient power management.

As such, it has launched Schima, a new energy solutions company and supplier of complex battery power, and its new online storefront.

The new site provides accessibility to the parts and battery solutions that aid in powering successful outdoor events. The Schima online store was founded by the brand’s passionate team of senior product managers and talented engineers.

Together with top-notch battery experts and suppliers, they created the online site to bring consumers a seamless, direct way to order complete battery systems and quality accessories.

Schima’s website also features a curated component catalogue, custom content, and DIY instructions that will assist consumers every step of the way.

Through the development and delivery of battery supply solutions, portable supply devices Schima offers a consistent level of battery charge and peak performance at any time or place.

“With the launch of Schima’sonline shop our mission is to provide easy access to the parts and solutions that have made our battery successful,” President of Schima, Shawn Morris, explained.

Morris described the store as “a hub for customers who are planning and building their own energy storage systems.” Schima is also dedicated to aligning its solutions with customer and brand values.

In addition to already offering products made from non-toxic, non-hazardous, recyclable materials, the brand continues its efforts to make all business manufacturing procedures with renewable, clean energy.

Consumers who make the upgrade to Schima can be confident in its contribution to reducing toxic fume emissions through eco-friendly, reliable solutions.