Newest Ostehuset Restaurant Features Great Sound and Flexibility with Bose Professional

The newest Ostehuset restaurant in Stavanger, Norway, leverages Bose Professional audio to deliver flexible, high-quality audio. Originally the Norske Bank building in historic Domkirkeplassen in the center of Stavanger, the location provided a unique and interesting locale that offers a variety of experiences including a deli and restaurant, shop, bar, conference center, beer brewery and a wine-and-cheese tasting room. The system, designed and installed by Norwegian integrator ShowRoom, provided the best audio solution whether for lunchtime restaurant customers or for the bar at night.

Given the historical character of the building and the variety of hard surfaces including concrete and glass, key challenges for the audio solution included identifying products that could work within very restricted construction parameters. The solution incorporated RoomMatch Utility and EdgeMax loudspeakers, which delivered the quality of coverage and audio intelligibility and would not interfere with the overall interior design elements.

ShowRoom created a variety of designs using the Bose Modeler software that provided several options on how and where loudspeakers could be mounted, while simulating where sound would be projected and how it would behave. These designs also incorporated audio zones — controlled digitally via Dante® and Bose ControlSpace DSP — and are easily managed by staff to accommodate different events or desired moods. The RoomMatch loudspeakers were mounted to the concrete substructure above the ceiling or suspended by wire between the wooden panels and ceiling, creatively utilizing the space and camouflaging their appearance. Throughout the common areas, conference rooms and wine tasting room, the EdgeMax loudspeakers were installed in preexisting openings eliminating the need to impact the historic structure.

Tom Helge Sørenssen, Ostehusetgruppen CEO, remarked: “The whole audio system is very well designed for our specific needs and really enhances the character of the building. It worked perfectly to reuse the holes from the previous ceiling lamps to mount the new loudspeakers. The sound quality is amazing, and we are very pleased with the fact that we can easily control the different zones for whatever purpose we require without interfering with the rest of the ongoing business.”