New Tirana Twin Scene Given the BlacklineX Treatment

Albania’s capital city of Tirana recently welcomed a vibrant new two-tier leisure venue, with the restaurant/nightclub, LOST, hosting live bands and DJs, and Tema Lounge – occupying a separate space in the same building – providing background music by day, notching up to foreground music after dark.

The sound in both venues (along with control and production lighting) is reinforced by a Martin Audio BlacklineX system, specified and installed by Prosound, the manufacturer’s Albanian distributor.

The company’s audio system installer, Armand Dosti, was entirely comfortable specifying Blackline, having earlier introduced other high profile venues to the same solution. Furthermore, Prosound already had a relationship with LOST/Tema owner Filip Fermanis from earlier projects. 

Surveying the two spaces – the former holding 200 people and the latter with a slightly reduced capacity – they recommended a system based around four Blackline X15, with a pair of X8 for infills and four X210 subwoofers for LOST, and four Blackline X10 and two X8 for Tema Lounge.

“From our point of view Blackline always represents the best choice in the Martin Audio loudspeaker range regarding value for money,” stated Kliton Gjika, Prosound CEO, adding that the venue was measured and optimised using Smaart room analysis.

In terms of layout, clients enter the building via Tema Lounge, which is open every day from morning until late evening. This leads into LOST, which is generally a late night venue, open Thursdays and weekends, with live music. “LOST has become a very popular night club in Tirana and has also started featuring international DJ’s,” pointed out Prosound’s Endrit Veleshnja.

Stated Filip: “We were very happy to collaborate with Prosound again, since we have worked with them in the past with other projects. The Blackline series was the best option for us in this new venue as our budget was quite tight. Their compact design made it very easy to integrate with our furniture and the sound quality has exceeded our expectations.”