New Convention for Entertainment Technologies 26 – 28 October 2021 in Hamburg

The LEaT con – Live, Entertainment and Technology Convention –come together on the grounds of the Hamburg Messe und Congress for a unified re:start of the industry from October 26 – 28, 2021.

Due to the pandemic, the past year and a half was difficult for the entertainment industry. But one of the strongest industries is getting back on its feet – and needs a strong, common platform: The LEaT con – Live, Entertainment and Technology Convention – will come together on the A grounds of the Hamburg Messe und Congress for a unified re:start of the industry from October 26 – 28, 2021.

The event industry needs a fresh start to bring people and technology together and moving forward again. “Many stakeholders have used the down time in the pandemic to reposition themselves, optimize their offerings, and continue the development of innovative products,” explains Duc Nguyen, director of LEaT con. “With LEaT con, we are offering a platform for meeting, sharing, and presenting new innovations to an interested professional audience. We are uniting the Live and Install areas because we are convinced that these markets, especially in entertainment, will continue to grow together in the future.”

The venue for the first LEaT con will be the Hamburg exhibition center with its excellent location in the heart of downtown Hamburg. Stakeholders in entertainment technology will present their innovations in the A grounds of the Hamburg Messe over three days. In addition to the booths, stages and speakers’ corners in all the halls will offer the opportunity to present products, presentations, shows and other content.

“We are very pleased to have found both the perfect location for an entertainment convention in Hamburg and a reliable partner in the Hamburg Messe and Congress,” said Nguyen. “The health of our visitors and exhibitors is of the highest priority in our planning. We will have a detailed security and hygiene concept that will prepare us for all
eventualities at the end of October.”

Also pleased about the new location of the LEaT con in Hamburg is Michael Otremba, managing director of Hamburg Tourismus GmbH: “Events and entertainment are indispensable for Hamburg. We are very pleased that Hamburg is the home port for the LEaT con. As an exciting new platform for engagement and innovation, it will surely generate far-reaching momentum for the event industry.”

The Live, Entertainment and Technology Convention is breaking away from the classic fair concept. Rather, it is a unique mix of exhibition and customer experience. Unlike a classic fair, at LEaT style elements from exhibitions and conventions will be combined. Visitors can discover innovations from manufacturers, distributors, and service providers, or create their own schedule of lectures, workshops, demo shows and networking. From informative browsing to targeted networking and manufacturer-specific trainings: everything is possible.

“The special thing about a convention is meeting people and exchanging ideas, but also providing special interests the space they need. We need to combine the fun of attending a fair with serious scientific exchange in one amazing event. For us, this means networking, experience, knowledge, and business,” explains Marcel Courth, managing director, unit Professional Technology & Live Communication at the Ebner Media Group. “The demand and expectations for a unique experience with the perfect entertainment factor will continue to grow in all industries. The goal of LEaT con is to become a new hub that brings together market-independent supply and demand under the umbrella of entertainment & technology.“

“We are delighted that LEaT con has chosen the Hamburg Messe as their venue. In the middle of world-famous districts with hundreds of bars, live clubs, and international restaurants, the LEat con exhibition halls are the perfect setting for their fresh format and a topic that is on point. People are craving live entertainment, and not just in Hamburg,” said Bernd Aufderheide, chairman of the board of the Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH.
Entertainment re:starts here

For the restart of the event economy, a reunion and exchange on a personal level is essential, maybe even an elementary component of the decisive year 2022. “The LEaT con is the kickoff for the restart of the event industry and will offer an opportunity to go forward together into a stronger future,” said Nguyen.

Experience the innovative convention concept, and be there from October 26 – 28, 2021 when stakeholders in the live, entertainment, and technology industries come together in Hamburg to kick off the restart of the entertainment industry together. Exhibitor registration and ticket sales will begin soon.