Nanolumens launches new 4K version of their Captivate Series

Nanolumens has announced the addition of a 4K version of its Captivate Series. The all-in-one LED-display is designed for effortless installation in meeting spaces, with a focus on creating high-resolution visual experiences, whilst remaining cost-effective.

This product series is available in four sizes, ranging from 120 to 180 inches, offering customers the ability to easily fit the display to their specific environment.

Kurt DeYoung, CRO at Nanolumens confirmed: “This series eliminates the need for additional components, easing design and installation costs typically associated with dvLED displays.” This is an effect of the series’ efficient all-in-one turnkey solution.

A key feature of the Captivate Series is the 2.0 inch system depth; the slim profile allows for seamless integration into any environment.

Additionally, the product’s 100K lifetime hours results in long-lasting performance and durability.

The white-glove installation of the series means that installation is made easy; whether you choose a wall mount or a mobile cart, Nanolumens offers a hassle-free experience.

The Captivate Series is an ideal choice for corporate meeting rooms, among many other meeting-based environments, with its exceptional visual performance, brightness, and clarity setting a new benchmark for all-in-one LED displays.