NanoLumens Hire Vishnu Rao

NanoLumens has announced that it has appointed Product Development Specialist Vishnu Rao to the position of Director of Software Services and Platforms.

“The next generation of visualisation is going to be as much about software services and platforms as it is about hardware,” NanoLumens CTO Gary Feather said. “We are honoured to have Vishnu join our team. His nearly 20 years of experience in operationalising large, embedded mobile and web service deployments that enable connected consumers and businesses is going to help us to achieve our long term goals and objectives in this critical area.”

Vishnu comes to NanoLumens from Sharp Electronics, where he served in a number of leadership positions over the last 15 years. His focus has been on new product development for Smart TV platforms, strategic marketing for over-the-top services, and establishing technology and business partnerships. While at Sharp, he played key roles in the strategy, planning and development of the company. Most recently, Vishnu led the Sales and Marketing team on the development and successful launch of Sharp Roku and Google TV. Over the years, he has been awarded numerous US and global patents in user interface, connected platforms, big data and server technology.

“We are at the cusp of re-defining how out of home digital signage and smart platforms converge to bring about the next generation of visualisation,” Vishnu said. “I am very excited to be a part of a team that is at the cutting edge of display tech and are now working on innovative platforms to bring intelligence to these displays. This effort is going to be highly disruptive!”