Munch Museum Gets PROLIGHTS Mosaico

The Munch museum, an art museum in Oslo, Norway dedicated to the life and works of the Norwegian artist Edvard Munch has recently taken delivery of six PROLIGHTS Mosaico IP66 image projectors, to fill its exterior with projected images of the artist and some of its work.

The project was done by Light Bureau, a lighting design and consultancy studio who has been working with the museum for a long time. The 250W white LED fixtures were permanently installed at 20 meters from the building and project the content though the hours of darkness.

“The luminaire provided a flexible design solution, due to all dynamic effects,” said Thea Collett, Lighting Designer at Light Bureau, adding: “Despite its small size, the lumen output was very convincing!”

Thea went on saying: “The zoom and focus possibilities were crucial to maintain an adaptable design, with luminaires mounted in varies distances of the projected surface.”

The Mosaico was designed as an LED replacement of 1,200W high-intensity discharge fixtures, with a complete range of effects and a linear motorized zoom. Thanks to its 250W source, it can output nearly 12,000 lumens, whilst maintain a crisp focus through its zoom range.