MONDO-DR Awards 2021

Watch the full ceremony for the MONDO-DR Awards 2021.

The talent and creativity of this industry never fails to amaze us. After looking at the high standard of the venues entered into the MONDO-DR Awards 2021 – particularly considering the wider situation across the world- we can only applaud the resilience, too.

Despite everything, we wanted to make sure that your incredible work gets the recognition it deserves, which is why the MONDO-DR Awards has been an online event once again this year. We’ve had some truly special projects submitted for the 2021 awards – it’s certainly been a monumentally difficult task for our judges.

We’d like to extend a huge congratulations to all the shortlisted venues and, of course, the well-deserved winners of each of the 12 categories. Thank you to all our sponsors, supporters, everyone who submitted a project and our expert judging panel, too.

The MONDO-DR Awards will be back as a physical event next year – and we’re planning to put on the celebration that we’ve all been waiting such a long time for.

We can’t wait to see you there!