Martin Audio Updates VU-NET for TORUS and Introduces Q-SYS for iKON

Martin Audio has announced the latest release of its control software VU-NET (2.2.2), which alongside new firmware for iKON amplifiers, implements new features.

Preset support has been added for Martin Audio’s award-winning constant curvature loudspeaker, TORUS T12, including when it is also used in conjunction with its partner cardioid subwoofer, SXC118.

Martin Audio iKON amplifiers can now be added to the Q-SYS ecosystem within the Q-SYS Designer software. Features can be controlled from the software, Q-SYS compatible UCIs and GPIO logic ports integrated into Q-SYS cores and peripherals. These control features include gain and muting, sleep and standby and alarm notifications, as well as amplifier snapshot recall.

Martin Audio Managing Director, Dom Harter commented: “The much higher than forecast demand for TORUS has taken us a bit by surprise so we are delighted to release the latest version of VU-NET to enable deployment of the product for installation and live sound. Similarly, we’ve had a number of requests from system integrators to have iKON amplifier compatibility with the Q-SYS eco-system and so with this latest firmware support there are even more tools available to enable our customers to maximise sales within our portfolio.”

Click here to download VU-NET software and iKON firmware and Q-SYS plugin.