Martin Audio partners with Production Futures

Production Futures, the initiative which creates opportunities for young people to learn, train, network and develop careers in production across the live event industry, has signed one of the industry’s heavy hitters, Martin Audio, as its latest high-profile partner.

“It’s wonderful that Martin Audio has seen the potential of Production Futures,” said CEO, Hannah Eakins. “We’re particularly delighted to welcome it as a British manufacturer.

“They are a forward-thinking company with a diverse workforce, and we’ve seen it transform over the last 20 years.”

Production Futures is equally in the process of transformation, including the announcement of a new audio-learning zone. Along with Martin Audio, this will debut at the September 28th event, which takes place at Production Park in Wakefield.

“In that sense the timing couldn’t be better for Martin Audio as we receive increasing interest from budding sound engineers,” continued Eakins. “These learning zones have already worked really well for Video and Lighting.”

The step change for Production Futures—and the necessity to advance the landscape—has been brought about by attendances that have exceeded 1,000 visitors (at the recent Manchester event), representing some 55 colleges and universities.

“It is attracting the 16-18-year-old age group as well as well as graduates,” she confirmed “and we expect to hit those numbers again at Production Park.”

Someone who is particularly excited is Martin Audio Product Support Engineer, Paul Connaughton.

He has himself been leading a systematic training initiative through the UK’s relevant higher education establishments and has been in regular communication with Hannah Eakins about the possible synergies both parties can achieve via the evolving Production Futures.

“Martin Audio’s successful University programme has meant very close synergies with Production Futures.

It complements what we are trying to do, as we are both committed to help encourage and educate the next wave of industry professionals, no matter what their pathway, to ensure it continues to thrive,” he stated.

“I can’t wait to join up with them at Production Park in September and take part in our first show. We will be showcasing some recent products on the stand, whilst demonstrating software and discussing aspects of loudspeaker and system designs. Future shows may see us delivering short training courses once we have our training certifications in place.”

Finally, Martin Audio marketing director, James King, added his own endorsement. “In further extending our outreach to the student community via Production Futures we are continuing our strong commitment to training, and at the same time taking an active role in promoting career opportunities within the industry.

“As a leading manufacturer, it’s right that we support the next generation of sound engineers and technical crew, and give back to the industry.”