Martin Audio Showcase New Products at Exclusive Demo Days

DIGITAL EXCLUSIVE: Martin Audio recently held an exclusive set of open days at their headquarters in High Wycombe. Drawing in crowds of many from all areas of the industry, it gave the loudspeaker manufacturer a chance to show off some of its most innovative products and gain valuable feedback from those in attendance. As well as product demonstrations, the event also included a formal presentation from the company’s Managing Director, Dom Harter, and a full tour of the place they call home.

Robin Dibble, Product Support Engineer at Martin Audio, led the demonstrations which included the Adorn Series, CDD and CDD-LIVE Series, BlacklineX and BlacklineX Powered Series and the O-LINE Series. All of the loudspeakers are uniquely designed, mainly for those working in live touring and commercial installations.

The powerful products played out a range of different sounds, from music to spoken word (with, of course, a little bit of Pink Floyd thrown in), to demonstrate their versatility and reach, and attendees were encouraged to walk around the room to fully immerse themselves in how the sound changed and adapted to its environment. Some of the unique qualities of the products include coaxial differential dispersion, low impedance, transformer options, comprehensive mounting and architecturally sympathetic design, all of which make the loudspeakers perfect for bars, restaurants, retail outlets and live venues.

After the first set of demonstrations, Dom carried on with the afternoon by presenting Martin Audio’s latest audio offerings exclusively to the room. The brand new Wavepoint Precision line arrays were premiered, which offer a scalable approach to the level of control, consistency and coverage required for an event or installation. Comprising of WPM, WPS, WPC and WPL models, the line arrays have been deployed at major festivals, concerts and corporate events around the world, even joining The Chemical Brothers on the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury.

The headquarters really are the heart of the company as everything is designed, made and distributed from this little quaint corner in the northwest of London. After the demonstrations, guests were offered a tour around the warehouse where they were able to see for themselves the extensive work happening at Martin Audio. Hollowed out loudspeakers, including the CDD-Live Series, were lined up ready for production and, with such a small team (12 to be exact), the work at Martin Audio HQ is constantly innovative and impressive.

Carrying a reputation as big as Martin Audio’s, it’s imperative that, as a brand, it is growing with the industry and adapting to advancements. Still focused on the importance of the audience experience, Martin Audio continues to produce products that pioneer in the touring and installation worlds, all carrying its signature sound quality.