Martin Audio Appoints Sama Sound as Korean Distributor

The Sama Sound team, with Martin Audio backdrop

Sama Sound has been appointed as Martin Audio’s new Korean distributor.

Both parties were seeking new opportunities to expand their business with different partners. Jason Inn, Sama Sound president explained: “From our perspective, developing a premium speaker portfolio was part of a strategic plan we had in place for a while, we agreed to begin this exciting new journey, recognising that Martin Audio is a premium brand in the market, with a reputation built up over many decades.”

Their first priority will be apprising customers of Martin Audio’s technical philosophy and eminent history in order to generate brand loyalty. Jason added: “MLA is obviously the system that the majority of people know, but, Martin Audio has an excellent all round product range, from Blackline X upwards. We believe Wavefront Precision series has strong potential in some vertical markets.”

Rental, Theatre and HoW markets will be the main targets for line array products, “ There is no limitation in other vertical markets we can penetrate since Martin Audio’s product range has been well planned and thought out.”

Different music genres will be played for audiences including live traditional music to show how the system will deliver authentic Korean music.

Jason said: “Since there have not been many opportunities for people in the region to listen to music via MLA so far, we strongly believe it is going to surprise a lot of people.”

He concluded: “We believe that with the acquisition of Martin Audio we can now comprehensively service the market and grow together, increasing market share by developing synergy with our current partners. We are extremely excited about the new journey.”

Martin Audio’s APAC Account Manager, Andy Duffield responded: “Sama Sound has enjoyed great success over many years in the Korean market, both in Rental/Touring and the wider installation market. With Martin Audio’s proactive product strategy generating above industry growth in APAC both in 2017 and year-to-date, we felt the time was right for a change in our distribution to ensure success across all vertical markets.

“In looking for a new partner we were impressed by the professionalism, attention to detail and commitment to the brand shown by the team at Sama Sound. We are thrilled at the prospects of working with Sama Sound in the years ahead.”