MADRIX RADAR 1.1 – Software Update Now Available

MADRIX RADAR packs Remote Device Management into an easy-to-use and immensely practical tool for remote access. The software simplifies the configuration and management of your RDM devices. Collected

data, like temperature and voltage values, is shown graphically and can continually be monitored; even during live operation. Having initially been introduced in the beginning of 2020, the first major update is now available.

The new version includes many improvements, such as visual refinements of the user interface and additional definitions.

On top, MADRIX RADAR 1.1 adds two highly requested features. The connection to hardware interfaces and to RDM devices can now be monitored as well. MADRIX software engineers found ways to identify if controllers or devices are still connected or not.

On the one hand, a new section provides a quick overview over all connected Art-Net nodes. The user interface provides a clear warning in case the connection to an interface has been lost. One of the main areas of

application for RADAR is large media facades. For example, it is extremely useful to know if 50 lighting fixtures need to be replaced or if just one controller should to be checked first.

On the other hand, four new events were added to the software’s logic. They notify you if a node or RDM device has been disconnected or if communication could be restored. As usual, notifications are presented in their designated section on the user interface. More importantly, they can be set up to trigger actionable e-mail reports and automated shell scripts. In this way, you are always up to date. This automatic 24/7 monitoring saves immense amounts of time and money when it comes to troubleshooting a project; RDM and RADAR make it possible.

All MADRIX RADAR features are automatically unlocked for any RDM device that is connected to MADRIX STELLA Art-Net nodes. When using third-party RDM controllers, extra software licenses are available for purchase. If you would like to test the software, please feel free to use it in demo mode. Demo mode unlocks 2 RDM devices for free.