Lynx Pro Audio expands its CPS series

Lynx Pro Audio has announced the expansion of the CPS series, a range of high-power coaxial-powered point source systems designed especially for medium-sized events and fixed installations.

This year, in the latest edition of the ISE fair, the brand has presented the expansion of the series with two new full-range point source enclosures, the CPS-210 and the CPS-14, all of them with active and passive versions. The series is completed with two ultra-compact passive enclosures.

The brand introduced the CPS-214 enclosure last year along with the subwoofer of the series. Recently added to the catalogue, both the CPS-210 and the CPS-14 have the peculiarity that they allow you to choose between two coverages: 90º x 60º or 60º x 40º.

Both are designed for medium-sized events and large fixed installations, feature integrated 64- bit/96 KHz DSP with FIR linear phase filtering. The CPS-210 enclosure is an extremely powerful and compact 3000W tri-amplified 3-way system. It features two 10″ neodymium speakers and an exclusive 1.4″ coaxial compression driver. The CPS-14 enclosure is also a 3000W tri-amplified 3-way system but features a single 14″ neodymium speaker and a unique 1.4″ dual-diaphragm coaxial driver.

According to Jesús Fuentes, Lynx Pro Audio product manager: “The idea is that the CPS series becomes a large family of coaxial point source enclosures with different powers to cover a wide variety of setups and needs.”

The series is completed with two ultra-compact passive enclosures, the CPS-5 and CPS-4. These small enclosures are easy to set up and transport, designed to deliver clear, balanced sound in short throw applications and are suitable for indoor installations and as background sound reinforcement.

The CPS-5 has a 5″ coaxial speaker and a 70º conical dispersion, while the CPS-4 has a 4″ coaxial speaker and a 90º conical dispersion with no secondary lobes throughout the frequency range.

All CPS Series active enclosures use Lynx Pro Audio’s integrated DSP, a design by the company’s engineering team, offering the latest advances in digital processing, such as FIR filters, which offer superior frequency response and linear phase. The latest 32-bit/96KHZ AD/DA converters make the system one of the most advanced and innovative point sources on the market, resulting in sound quality completely unaltered from its original purity.

To handle the basic adjustment options of the internal DSP, the cabinet has a rear panel with a 2.8″ IPS screen that serves as a user interface. It has a convenient joystick control that allows the user to control, select and adjust different parameters such as gain, delay, input EQ and cabinet pre-sets.

The two enclosures have two Ethernet ports that allow them to be controlled through the OCS platform to facilitate monitoring and processing which, together with the Rainbow 3D electroacoustic prediction software, offers a complete design tool.