LTM Opens New Hoist Training Room

In 2018, LTM extended their existing offices, creating a bright open plan first-floor office. In doing so this has allowed them to convert the existing downstairs offices into a dedicated training room. In addition to the new offices, an open space kitchen & dining room for employees to relax and enjoy their break times has been created.

Electric Hoist Training is something LTM has always been widely renowned for, but due to lack of space over the past few years, LTM has only been able to offer one to one training in house. It has always been our goal to be able to offer in house training for a large group again, and the acquisition by GIS AG in June 2018 allowed for funds to be earmarked for the office and training room development.

The new large training room, which is 70m2, has had a total revamp and now has space for sixteen people to receive in house hoist training. The equipment has also been updated with a new overhead ceiling mounted projector with remote control and a ceiling mounted 90” projector screen. The room features numerous single phase 220V plugin points throughout the room, as well as a 400V 3Phase power supply which allows the training managers to demonstrate our Hoists in operation, making the training interactive and “hands-on” for the trainees.

LTM launched their training room with their first large LoadGuard Motor School at their Bromborough offices on 23rd & 24th April 2019. The course was fully booked well in advance. They have various courses scheduled throughout 2019 including both Entertainment LoadGuard Hoist training and GIS Industrial Hoist training courses. Both courses are based around a hands-on, no-nonsense, practical manner providing a comprehensive overview of the hoist.

It will familiarise users and specifiers with operational theory, design philosophy, safety aspects, internal workings and troubleshooting methods of the Hoist. The course is designed around maintenance rather than operation of hoists. It offers the chance to get dirty and completely strip a hoist down to its component parts and then re-build and operate it. The development of the office and training room, in addition to investments made into the workshop and warehouse, are an integral part of the LTM’s ongoing commitment to our customers to provide improved training, customer service and technical solutions.