Logic Speakers Covers South Korean Church

Logic Speakers installed in South Korean church.

Lincolnshire-based Logic Systems Pro Audio has installed its range of loudspeakers in a 1,000-seater church in South Korea.

Shipped from the company’s factory in Gainsborough the church’s main chapel installation is made up of 12 (six left and six right) Logic Systems Pro Audio Ethos VA speakers with complimentary bass consisting of 2 x Ethos Nd218. 

Logic Systems Pro Audio Ethos VA Nd is a compact vertically arraying front of house PA system suited to a wide range of applications. A minimum array is composed of three boxes, with more typical configurations being composed of six to eighteen boxes. 

Horizontal coverage is 120 degrees, with vertical coverage defined by the array angles. Each box has a front hinge point and a choice of back angles, 0°, 1.25°, 2.5°, 5° & 10°. Back angle selection can define both vertical coverage and the throw of the system, making Ethos VA Nd equally at home in a theatre, church or on an outside festival.  

Logic Systems Pro Audio Ethos VA Nd can be used free standing for vocal reproduction but is more typically combined with the Logic Systems Pro Audio Ethos Nd315 bass cabinet, which can be either flown above the Logic Systems Pro Audio Ethos VA Nd, or used as the basis of a ground stack. When additional low-end support is required the ground stacking Logic Systems Pro Audio Ethos Nd218 can be added to the system. Compact, versatile and equally at home in a fixed install or touring.

The balcony area also utilises speakers from Logic Systems installation range, whilst the stage benefits from Logic Systems 12” monitors.

Logic Systems’ General Manager Mickey Edwards commented: “We distribute widely across South Korea and this isn’t our first church installation there – we’re confident the congregation will enjoy the sound quality.”