LIT empowers Footprint Centre

Photo credit: Jesse Colocado

LIT Lighting in Arizona, USA, specified and installed new equipment for the Footprint Centre, a popular multi-purpose arena. The installation, which comprised a new entertainment lighting solution, included Ayrton, MA Lighting, MDG and RapcoHorizon brands, all exclusively distributed in North America by ACT Entertainment.

LIT Lighting selected 27 Ayrton Huracán LT fixtures at the heart of the system. The Huracán LT combines exceptional power with an ultra-intense beam and long-throw capabilities to deliver a formidable tool for large venues, such as arenas and stadiums.

26 of the Huracáns are active, with 20 mounted in 40-foot trusses in each corner of the court. Six Huracáns are under the east and west videoboards, three per side, to ensure great facial lighting.

LIT Lighting Project Manager, Casey Jones, revealed: “Before installing the Huracáns our only spots were traditional, manually-operated follow spots. We felt the Huracáns were the best in class. They have a super high output, great colour reproduction and mixing for the camera, and perfect long-throw lensing for our 85 to 90-foot trim.”

LIT Lighting also chose a grandMA3 full-size console to control house lighting, illuminate the players during games, and control haze.

Four MDG ATMe haze generators were installed, as Jones pointed out: “People want to see beams of light and atmosphere but not fog. After testing several systems, ATMe seemed the best product for the job. It’s a great hazer, and its particulates are thin enough that they disperse quickly so people don’t see clouds when the arena lights come back on after the entertainment.”

“Although I drove the design of the new system myself, ACT was incredibly helpful throughout the project,” Jones commented. “They provided demos, answered all my questions and even connected me to other users. ACT was on top of meeting our delivery deadlines and if any difficulties arose helped out by supplying temporary units.”

Eric Abad, ACT Western Regional Sales, concluded: “Joining forces with LIT Lighting to deliver extraordinary experiences is always a thrill.  When the goal is to create magic—something  LIT regularly delivers their customers—ACT Entertainment’s portfolio of cutting-edge technologies puts us in a privileged position to empower our customers.”