Lightware opens training centre in Düsseldorf

Lightware Visual Engineering has announced the opening of its first training centre in Düsseldorf, Germany. As the latest training location for Lightware customers and partners, it joined existing facilities in London and Paris. Additionally, new experience centres will open in Warsaw and Dubai in 2024. 

The centre provides customised sessions in multiple native languages and serves as a local point for education and skill development, serving as Lightware’s European training hub.

By providing training facilities, the company enables AV professionals at every step of their journey with Lightware, from system design to installation to configuration and beyond.

The online Lightware Academy e-learning courses have enabled the company to reach a wide audience and provide a certain level of in-depth AV knowledge. However, through in-person education, Lightware is offering a deeper and more interactive learning experience.

The Düsseldorf training centre combines an Experience Centre and a Training Facility. The centre offers the opportunity to view the latest products in demo system-embedded solutions for deeper understanding, and ensures a comfortable training room for uninterrupted education.

The Düsseldorf training centre Open Day allowed visitors to take a tour of the centre, meet Lightware’s dedicated training teams, explore the cutting-edge showroom with eight demo stations, and learn about the wide range of training activities offered.

“We are excited to have now opened the doors of our new Düsseldorf training centre and l welcomed visitors as we continue to deliver the AV technologies of the future,” commented Gergely Vida, CEO of Lightware “By bringing together a fantastic team and excellent facilities, we are helping organisations maximise their use of Lightware technologies and manage changes in their advanced technology needs.”