Light, Design and Show in Al Gurdon and Peter Canning’s Masterclass

Matadero de Madrid welcomed the first Masterclass in Spain about the Lighting Designers: Al Gurdon and Peter Canning, who have illuminated shows like Eurovision, the halftime of Superbowl or the opening and closing of Sochi Olympic Games.

The event has been organised by the professional lighting world leading company Clay Paky and by its Spanish distributor Stonex.

Lighting on Air is the name which introduced the Al Gurdon’s and Peter Canning’s Masterclass. Over 270 lighting professionals and event companies enjoyed a day where they could discover all the details of impressive shows like Eurovision. Experience, technic and design were some of the keys that the attendees could see hand in hand with both lighting designers.

Matadero de Madrid came back to be the first choice to host Al Gurdon and Peter Canning’s Masterclass. They shared all secrets related to Eurovision, Superbowl or Sochi Olympics Games.

Javier Latorre, Stonex CEO, opened the conference commemorating the 35 Anniversary of Stonex. “We are happy to share with all of you this seminar. Al Gurdon and Peter Canning’s Masterclass is the best scenario for sharing knowledge and experience in the lighting field.”

Francesco Romagnoli, Area Manager from Clay Paky, presented their latest products like Scenius, Spheriscan or Mythos, among others.

Al Gurdon opened his speech highlighting the importance of a good light beyond considered as a simple tool. The tour of Madonna, Kylie Minogue and Beyonce were some of the shows which he explained on stage. Al Gurdon defined the sensations as the main driver for a successful design. Finally, he concluded with one of the most impressive television shows, the halftime ceremony of Superbowl. Lights and making off in just eight minutes.

After the lunch break, Peter Canning concluded the Masterclass where he explained all the details and design of the opening and closing ceremonies of the Sochi Olympic Games. Scenary, videomapping and lighting transform the opening and closing ceremonies of the Sochi Olympic Games in an incredible experience.

The seminar ended with a special recognition to the founder of Stonex, Domingo Latorre, and Clay Paky, for their successful 20-year relationship.